Month: January 2021

Can You Plug A Synth Into A Guitar Amp?

Analogue synths have made quiet an impression over the past few years, Most mainstream producers like Mike Dean have videos on YouTube showcasing their talent on synths. Due to the somewhat “comeback” of synths, me and the team have been experimenting with synth programming more than anything over the past few weeks, Mainly for sound […]

Does Acoustic Treatment Make A Difference?

Acoustic treatment is the process of improving the acoustics or acoustic properties of a space for the purposes of maintaining a good atmosphere of sound. Acoustic treatment makes a great difference when it is applied to a space in the right manner and it does so by keeping wanted sounds in and unwanted sounds out. […]

Can You Play A Synthesizer Without Electricity?

If you’re into music production or know a bit about it, then you have obviously run across the term synthesizer. these electronic instruments have become a go to for most modern producers because of the general direction that music has taken over the years. for the newbie producers you may be looking to buy one […]

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