Month: March 2021

Should I Get Keyscape?

Every producer or keyboard player should definitely get Keyscape because it is one of the most realistic sounding piano virtual instruments available on the market. It has a diverse collection from more legendary pianos to much more newer pianos. Keyscape is certainly worth the money. Keyscape is developed by Spectronics and they have put almost […]

Is Sprayfoam Good For Soundproofing?

As means to deaden sounds and keep a space as soundproof as possible, a material like Spray foam could be a consideration. Spray foam acts as insulation for walls and ceilings and maybe effective when paired with other materials that have mass. Spray foam on its own is not an effective soundproof material, but it […]

What Is The Best Wood For A Recording Studio?

Constructing a recording studio is a delicate matter because it involves adopting certain materials and disregarding others. Not every type of material will work in the construction of a recording studio setup, therefore you have to choose the right material or hire an expert to point you in the right direction. The best wood for […]

Is Foam Or Rubber Good For Soundproofing?

Soundproofing is applied to reduce and remove unwanted sound from a particular space. It is a good way to maintain the sound properties of a room by eliminating unwanted noise like foot steps, traffic and any other genaral noise. Rubber and Acoustic Foam serve two different purposes in the soundproofing process. Acoustic foam is used […]

Is Serum Better Than Massive?

Virtual instruments are handy tools that make music production much easier. We’ve relied on software instruments in the past and as technology becomes even more sophisticated, The virtual instruments are becoming even better and better. Virtual instrument comparisons are always inevitable in music production because there always comes a time when a music producer has […]

Is Omnisphere Better Than Nexus?

Omnsiphere and Nexus are great plugins when comes to music production, deciding which is better than the other usually comes down to how well it can fit your particular production style. This post will give you brief insight into both these plugins and the reasons as to why you’d typically pick one over the other. […]

Should I Buy Komplete 12?

Native Instruments are the leading manufacturers of too notch music software and hardware. Komplete 12 is full scale digital instrument that can be used solely. It is a combination of different plugin instruments created to provide immense value and an arsenal of a variety of sounds, which makes worth every penny that it costs. You […]

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