Month: April 2021

What Is A Music Production House?

Music production houses have existed for a very long time and are still around to this very day. A music production house is simply a music production company or record company who’s work is primarily to find artists and producers with whom they can work with to release and distribute music and share earnings. Usually […]

What Is A Music Artist Portfolio?

The music industry is an ever growing industry, for artists to stand out and be recognized, a Portfolio or Press Kit is absolutely necessary. A Musician portfolio or press kit is simply the resume of a musician which includes a collection of media, accolades, work history, background created to exhibit and demonstrate potential to industry […]

How Do You Read EQ Frequencies?

Getting a firm understanding of frequencies when you’re beginning your music production journey is very important. Equalization being one of the most important elements of music production, understanding and being able to use a frequency analyser is a prerequisite for any mixing and/or mastering. The easiest way to read the frequency of any sound or […]

Should Vocals Be Louder Than The Beat?

Let’s face it, mixing is a very delicate craft in music production and it requires a lot of understanding, careful attention to detail and an overall good ear. one of the most asked questions online is: Should the vocals be louder than the beat? The vocals should not be louder than the beat, there should […]

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