Month: April 2021

Why Are VST Plugins So Expensive?

VST plugins are the most used tools in music production, this is because a large part of music production is now software based. So then, Why are VST Plugins so expensive? VST Plugins are expensive because they are heavily pirated and to account for the low sales volume companies strategically price their VST plugins in […]

What Is A Vocal Chop And Where Can I Find Them?

Vocal chops have become so popular due to the fact that they are now a major part of almost every genre. Gone are the days when EDM and Techno were the top vocal chop utilizing genres. With vocal engine virtual instruments like Output Arcade and Exhale, every genre has now become part of the vocal […]

Are Studio Beats Good For Mixing?

Beats Headphones popularly known as beats by dre are consumer headphones, developed by the Beats company founded by Hiphop producer Dr. Dre and record executive Jimmy Lovine. By design, studio Beats headphones are not meant for mixing because they have an over emphasized low and mid range frequency response, which greatly alters any sounds being […]

What Is The Difference Between A MIDI Keyboard And A Keyboard?

The difference between Midi Keyboards and Keyboards is a very common question in the music production community. To cure yourself of misconceptions, you need to understand the premise within which they both work and have an understanding. The difference between a Midi Keyboard and a Keyboard is that a Midi keyboard acts as a controller […]

Do You Need Speakers For Music Production?

Speakers are essential and they play an important role in music production. What matters even more is your ability to recognize what music should sound like on different play back systems. You need speakers for music production in order to hear and perceive audio accurately to make better recording, mixing and mastering decisions. Studio Monitor […]

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