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Month: May 2021

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Your Masters Back?

Masters are heavily discussed in the music industry and they are a big deal. In Music, master rights are the rights that give the holder full control over the master recordings and what is done to them. There isn’t a standard amount of how much it costs to buy your masters back, it will differ […]

What Is The Business Model Of The Music Industry?

All businesses are based around a model that becomes the path to follow in order to generate income. In the simplest of terms, a business model is simply a plan that details how income is to be generated and the method with which this is going to be made possible. In the music business any […]

What Is A Good College For Music Production?

Getting music education can be great if you want to have credentials with your passion. Many people choose this especially if they feel like they need to be taught by professionals in the industry. Which is perfectly fine. When looking to get into a good school for music you need options to atleast pick from […]

What Plugins Should I Buy First?

As a beginner music producer its always good to know the tools that you’ll need in order to carry out your work. Plugins are essential in music production and they make up the tools necessary to execute almost all production processes. For someone starting out, budgeting everything is very key because it will help you […]

What Order Should I Learn Music Theory?

Music theory is a very important part of music production. Learning music theory can seem very difficult for a beginner with no theory knowledge at all. This is why its essential to learn the following fundamentals in the following order: Notes and Pitches, Scales and Modes, Key, Intervals, Chords and Diatonic Harmony. Music theory is […]

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