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Month: June 2021

How Much Should I Charge For Music Production?

Figuring out how much you should charge for music production can be difficult for someone that hasn’t had much experience in the music business. This is also true for people that just find it hard to set a standard price for these kinds of services. How much you’ll charge for music production will depend on […]

Does Audio Engineering Require Math?

Audio engineers are responsible for some of the great chart topping songs in the world at any moment. For the newbie figuring out whether this field is the right career path raises a lot of questions. One question in particularly that I encounter a lot with aspiring audio engineers is; “Does Audio Engineering Require Math?” […]

How To Prepare Audio Files For Mixing (Pro Tips)

As a music producer, it is your duty to understand how to have your files ready for mixing. Technology has made things pretty easy as far as collaboration goes. You don’t really need to travel to record a song with somebody. You can easily record in different places and exchange the files via email or […]

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