Month: June 2021

Should You Publish Songs Made On Pirated DAW Software?

The law surrounding copyright is to be taken very seriously and I personally urge people that are looking to get into music, to purchase software from the original developers and refrain from using crack software. One of the questions that I’ve found to be popular on most public forums like Quora is: “Is it illegal […]

Should I Use A Compressor When Recording Vocals?

Compression is a very vital tool that can be used to control and maintain a good dynamic range within a vocal. In mixing and audio production, compression is usually done post recording and one of the questions that arise is whether compression can be done during the actual recording process or not. Recording with compression […]

Should I Use BeatStars Or Make My Own Website?

BeatStars is an online beat selling platforms that allows beat makers to upload their beats and be able to sell it. One question that gets asked a lot is whether creating a website is better than using Beatstars as a platform to sell music on. If you’re a beginner with very little marketing experience, you’re […]

What Is A Control Room In A Recording Studio?

Anyone that may be looking to get into music production or has been a music producer for a reasonable amount of time has probably come across the term “control room” before. A control room in a recording studio is a room where music producers, technicians, sound engineers, record engineers and mastering engineers manage their various music […]

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