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Month: July 2021

The 3 Key Important Elements Of Every Mix

Mixing is the art of blending different audio elements of a composition to create a fully developed idea which is usually a song. There are various techniques that people employ to achieve this and there isn’t a one-fits-all way of doing things. The reality is that audio mixing does have rules but these rules all […]

The Best YouTube Channels For Music Production

YouTube is a highly valuable resource that offers us a great deal of information as music producers. With this in mind, you should always have it at the ready because it can change and improve your overall music production process. Let’s face it, looking for good music production YouTube channels can be a bit of […]

Do You Need A Good Graphics Card For Music Production?

If you’ve spent enough time using a computer. A graphics card is something you’ve heard of. Seeing that music production requires a lot of specific hardware to compensate for various processes and operations. It is natural to wonder if you need a good graphics card for music production. This post will take you through the […]

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