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Month: August 2021

Do Producers Make More Than Artist’s?

When it comes to the money side of things in the music industry, it can sometimes be difficult to spot out who makes the most money off a record. One of the questions that keeps showing up by most beginner music producers is; “Do producers make more than artists?” Artists make more than music producers […]

Is It Better To Be An Independent Artist?

Anybody looking to get into music and pursue it as a full time career will have to make a lot of decisions. Most career paths greatly differ from a music career which means you can’t rely on observations from other careers and directly apply them to music. The fact is that, where art is concerned, […]

How Can I Protect My Beats From Being Stolen?

The internet is a double edged sword because it has made things easier whilst making other things relatively difficult.  One of its more negative effects is on the music industry; in that, it has made people stealing other peoples intellectual property relatively easy due to illegal downloads. One of the affected parties are beat makers […]

Is Music Production CPU Intensive?

Getting your hardware right is as important as getting your software right when it comes to music production. This is a point not emphasized enough. So if you’re a beginner just starting your music production journey, this post will be helpful to you because one of the most frequently asked questions online is: “Is Music […]

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