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Month: February 2022

How Long Does It Take To Study Sound Engineering?

A career in audio production is not the easiest and most people that take up this career usually have a lot of questions regarding various things relating to a career in music. It’s only natural to be curious and asking the right questions is certainly a good way to know what you’re really up against. […]

Is Sound Engineering Competitive?

Music as a career has become one of the most sought after dream jobs out there right now. Being a passion driven career, Music has become a career for almost everyone. This has made jobs like sound engineering more than necessary because musician’s need people who can help them make the best Music possible. This […]

Do Professional Musicians And Producers Use Presets?

There’s a lot of myths surrounding what tools professional record producers use with regard to music creation. For example people often wonder if professional music producers use similar tools that everyday producers use and the answer is yes. One question that I recently got from an upcoming producer is whether professional musicians and music producers […]

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