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Month: March 2022

What Happens During A Recording Session?

There are different things out there that we all haven’t experienced before. We all get curious about such experiences and it’s only natural. I’ve spent most of life in recording studios so I’m pretty accustomed to them. For a new musician that’s never set foot inside a studio, it may be both an exciting experience […]

Do Professional Singers Use Echo?

Effects are a huge part of any musician’s audio production process. These days, musicians understand so much of the audio production process enough to know what they want and how they want it specifically. This is even more common with singers because they understand music and singing a lot better. An effect that is commonly […]

What Is The Best Frequency Response For A Sub-woofer?

Understanding speakers doesn’t only mean knowing how they work when they’re hooked up to your gear. As an audiophile it also means understanding speaker specifications. Subwoofers for example have various specifications that one need be aware of before purchasing them. In this post I’m going to discuss frequency response with regard to subs. Frequency response […]

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