Month: March 2022

How Do I Approach A Mastering Engineer?

Looking to get connected in any industry does take quite some time. The cold approach of simply walking up to somebody is not something that everyone is capable of doing….part of this can be blamed on social media which has pretty much made meeting new people a virtual thing rather than a physical thing. In […]

How Do You Tell If A Track Is Mastered?

As audiophiles we all crave high quality sounding music which is why we spend so much time trying to perfect our mixes and masters. It’s not easy work and requires a certain level of tenacity and a commendable skillset. However, once you’re done with the record, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits […]

Why Does My Bass Sound Boomy? (Learn How To Fix It)

Mixing bass is not always the easy task. Being a low frequency instrument, bass requires a good ear and sound system to spot how it fits into the mix and the characteristics of the record you’re mixing. In all fairness, it takes some time to master mixing, let alone mixing bass so don’t get discouraged […]

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