Are Music Producers Happy?

Happiness is one of the most important things that everyone pursuing any career path will one way or the other go after. People don’t just choose careers randomly, they want to do work that makes them happy.

Most producers are no different and often times I see the question of happiness being tossed around in many forums.

So, Are music producers happy?

Using various metrics such as average salary, meaningfulness and working conditions, it can be easily determined that music producers are happy in their careers. Music production is a passion driven craft and people that get into it, find it to be meaningful work that can make them happy. Furthermore, the salary estimates compiled by various platforms such as Career Explorer show that music producers earn an average of $63,000 which gives a happiness rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars when compared to other careers.

There are various metrics that you can use to determine whether this career path will give you the happiness you seek and I shall list them below.

Most careers differ from music because most music producers are self employed running their own recording studios which can be a good thing when determining various happiness levels.

So, let’s get into the various dimensions you could use to determine whether music production will make you happy or not.


A huge part of considering whether music producers are happy or not will fall on the average salary they are able to earn over a specific period of time, preferably monthly.

Therefore, if you’re looking to get into music music production you need to assess and figure out how much other music producers are making.

This will involve diving deep into various monetization tactics that music producers can utlize such as recording, editing, mixing and mastering music.

There are various average prices that music producers will charge for these services and it is pertinent to figure out how many clients they can be able to pull in  per month.

For example, if you’re charging $250 per recording session multiply that by how many clients you can pull in on a monthly basis then figure out if that figure is enough to sustain you as well as give you other options for spending.

The average salary for music producers computed by Career Explorer is $63,000. Which should give you an estimate to which you can base your average happiness on.


The Meaning of the work you’re doing is another key factor in determining whether the career path you go with will make you happy or not.

Most music producers pursue this career path because they find some sort of satisfactory Meaning within it.

Therefore to understand or figure out whether this career will make you happy or not. You’ll have to figure out personally, what music means to you and how much fulfilment and satisfaction you’ll get from producing music.


Music production is a lifestyle and I’m sure you’ve come across this statement before. People that get into music production are ones that accept the life style that comes with this career and are therefore happy with it.

Therefore, if you’re to determine whether this career path will make you happy or not. You’ll have to figure out whether the music lifestyle will fit with your brand.

Music production involves pulling crazy hours, travelling, attending events and so forth. So, if this lifestyle can work for you then you’ll most likely find it appealing and this will mean being happy with your career path.

Work environment

The working conditions aswell as work environment are another factor that I considered when writing this post.

The work environment of a music producer is usually a recording studio and people that get into this kind of work are people that enjoy being in an environment that allows for creativity.

Which makes music producers happy because they can be in a space that allows them to make music all day.

Therefore, If you’re looking to get into producing music then ask yourself if you’re comfortable being in a recording studio almost always.

If you’re comfortable with that, then it will be easy for you to find happiness in this career path.

Utilisation of skills

Another key determinant in music producer happiness is their Utilisation of skills which is very important. Music producers are happy because their careers allow them to utilize their skills.

This should be a benchmark in figuring out if this career path will be right for you because most people will want to get into careers that allow them to fully utilize their skills. Most people will be unhappy if they get in an industry that doesn’t allow them to fully explore and utilize their skills.

Therefore you should figure out whether your skill set will be put to good use in music production. This will be a good indication of whether you’ll find happiness in this career or not.

Is being a music producer a good career?

Music production as a good career is a matter of choice. If you’re passionate about it then it can be the right move for you. Otherwise there are a lot of opportunities present in the music industry today that make music production a good career to go into.

This is a diverse industry with vast earning opportunities but the major drawback is that it is highly competitive. So, unless you’re willing to put in the work to be able to excel in this field, it is certainly not for everyone.

Is being a Music producer stressful?

I’ve produced music for over a decade and I can positively say its a stressful job. The only difference is that I’m actually passionate about this business which means it’s all worth the stress.

Therefore, if you’re looking to get into music production It’s good to know that it is a stressful career path just like any other. You just have to be determined to push through the stress and succeed.


Are Music Producers Happy?
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