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Are VST Plugins Safe?

VST plugins are used in audio production.

They are software based and a question is usually raised about whether or not they are safe.

VST Plugins are very safe provided you buy or download them from a developer’s website or authorized third party website. VST plugins downloaded from unknown sources such as software crack websites can pose a serious threat to your computer and you run the risk of being hacked or your system crashing because of malware.

It is for this reason that using crack software and other illegal methods to use VST plugins is very unsafe and not recommended.

The best way is to legally purchase the VST plugin from its manufacturer via their website.

Why VST cracks aren’t safe

Any sort of cracked software is usually made available and downloaded from suspicious websites which may sometimes be malicious.

The fact is you could never whether you downloaded the right file or a virus file with the name of the file you’re looking to download.

This is why it’s very unsafe to download VST plugins or any sort of cracks from any source.

The reliable route is to go to the developers website and purchase the file the legal and right way.

Other times you can also look for a third party site that works with VST plugin manufacturers and go to their website and purchase the said VST.

It is always wise to have an anti-virus on your computer that can easily detect malware,

other people also prefer having a dedicated computer for testing the safety of VST Plugins.

This can be a good option if you have more than one computer,

if you don’t, you can use an antivirus to scan any download from an un-trusted website.

Steps to take when looking to buy VST plugins safely

It’s always good to have a framework to use before you even get started with purchasing or downloading a VST plugin.

Take these steps before you purchase or download any VST:

– Google the plugin and find the name of the company that developed it. This will help you find their official website.

– Once you have the company behind the VST, you can then Google the company and find the official website.

– The official website should have the VST company logo and should atleast be on the top 10 search results page of google.

– Once you find the site, you can simply navigate it and figure out how to go about the purchase or download of the VST Plugin you want.

You also have the option of finding a trusted third party  website that is allowed to sell VST plugins on behalf of the developers.

Just be sure to carry out the necessary research into the third party website to make sure it’s legit.

Where can I buy VST plugins safely online?

Some of the best website where you can download VST plugins safely are:


Sweetwater is one of the most trusted sources of music production gear and quite the safe bet for VST Plugins.

They are focused on delivering the highest possible quality to their users and you’ll find a lot of high quality software and hardware based Plugins.

Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique is another great resource where you can purchase safe VST plugins.

The team behind Plugin Boutique are also the creators of Loopmasters which is a great website that sells Music production kits.

If you’re looking for value and quality, Plugin Boutique is a great option.

KVR Audio

KVR Audio is an online community that is focused on music and audio software technology.

It is a great community and a trustworthy brand that you can browse and purchase legitimate music production software such as VSTs from.

Their goal is to stimulate a great audio software community.


Splice is another great option for VSTs, especially ones that are developed by independent creators.

This is a validated service that you can rightly purchase software from.

Splice is also great for sample packs and other production kits.

Audio Deluxe

Audio Deluxe boasts a large collection of Plugins of a variety of formats such as VST, AAX and a variety of others.

It also offers exclusive deals and monthly sales of its wide variety of plugins.

They carry VST AU AAX Plugins, DAW Software, Virtual Instruments, Synth Presets, Samples and Music Plugins from Big companies like Waves, iZotope, Antares, PreSonus, FabFilter, Softube, IK Multimedia, Reason Studios, Eventide, Overloud, UVI, XLN Audio and many more.

Can you get caught using cracked plugins?

Its always possible that you will get caught using cracked VSTs.

Most plugin developers have a fail safe in place which automatically detects crack serials when your computer is connects to the internet.

This can then make your plugin revert back to being the demo version.

Most recognized music production software companies like Native Instruments have these fail safes in place.

This is why it is very important that you buy the actual legal product from a developer website or trusted third party to avoid any inconvenience.

What happens if you get caught using pirated software?

Well this will depend on which country you’re from.

In the United States, getting caught with illegal pirated software can result in a $10,000 fine or more depending on the software.

It gets worse when you start to redistribute the pirated software because it

can easily result in jail time or a hefty fine.

This is why it’s always a good idea to purchase software the legal and right way.

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