What Is The Difference Between Foley And SFX?

If you’re into audio production of any sorts, words like SFX and Foley are something you’ve probably come across. Most people new to the world of audio production usually have so many questions surrounding these two things. Having a working understanding of both is not only important but key if you’re somebody that looks to… Continue reading What Is The Difference Between Foley And SFX?

Do We Hear In Analogue?

Sounds themselves are analog signals. We have the liberty to choose to record these sounds by either analog or digital means. Analog recordings capture the continuous wave of the analog signal and what they hear is what they record. Which is why analog tape recording machines are known for their accuracy in capturing signals. Digital… Continue reading Do We Hear In Analogue?

Disadvantages Of Analog Recording

Analog recording is basically a technique that is used for the recording of analog signals which, among many possibilities, allows analog audio for later playback… Analog recording methods store analog signals directly in or on the media (e.g. tape). The signal may be stored as a physical texture on a phonograph record, or a fluctuation in the field strength of a magnetic recording. Analog transmission methods… Continue reading Disadvantages Of Analog Recording

What Is dB In Music?

Sound is a very deep topic and one of key facets of music production. To know how to make good music in general, you need to have more than a good idea about music. You need to dig deeper and understand sound to a foundational degree. This not only makes you more equipped to handle… Continue reading What Is dB In Music?

What Does 52db Sound Like?

To measure the intensity of a sound, a measurement is needed that is able to provide us with quantifiable data that can be compared and contrasted. For example, A chainsaw may sound louder or quieter from one person to another depending on their hearing ability. This post will discuss two sound levels which are 50db… Continue reading What Does 52db Sound Like?