What is dBA and dBC?

Decibels or dB for short are something that you’ve probably come across. By definition, a decibel (dB) is simply a unit that is used to measure the strength of a sound or the power level of an electrical signal by comparing it with a given level on a logarithmic scale. One question that I usually… Continue reading What is dBA and dBC?

Are Digital Signal Processors (DSP’s) Obsolete?

In audio production today, we are more privileged than ever because technology that was built years ago to facilitate this industry has become more and more advanced. This allows us to explore new realms of creativity as well as be able to enjoy better hardware and software. This post will discuss a very specific technology… Continue reading Are Digital Signal Processors (DSP’s) Obsolete?

Are Digital Pianos Expensive?

When shopping for equipment a lot of questions arise especially when you contrast and compare different equipment based on price. One of the popular questions I get from a number of music producers especially those are quite new to the production is “are digital pianos expensive?” The truth is, yes, digital pianos are expensive and… Continue reading Are Digital Pianos Expensive?

Can I Put A Microphone In An Aux Input?

When it comes to inputs, particularly those that are needed to operate equipment like microphones. It is always important to have enough information so you can make your equipment usable with your inputs. This post will address microphones and Auxiliary or Aux inputs because this is a common topic among new  audio engineers and technicians.… Continue reading Can I Put A Microphone In An Aux Input?

Can ASMR Have Music?

You have obviously come across the abbreviation ASMR online. YouTube has been one of the services that have popularised ASMR. If you haven’t come across this term you may be wondering what ASMR is. Well, ASMR is short for autonomous sensory meridian response which is known as the brain massage. Its a relaxing sedative sensation… Continue reading Can ASMR Have Music?

Can You Mix On Headphones?

Audio production involves a lot of complex processes and it takes a certain level of expertise as well as experience to know what you need. For instance, mixing is an involving process that requires one to know the fundamentals of audio production as well a good ear and overall good judgement. To possess these qualities,… Continue reading Can You Mix On Headphones?