Author : Chewe Kalamata

Can I Use A DAW Without An Audio Interface?

Audio Interfaces have become tools that are spoken heavily about. Which then leads most people to wonder if certain operations can be done without them. As far as, getting sounds in and out of your computer goes, audio interfaces have made it easier and better because they have high quality inbuilt converters specialised to carry […]

Do Studio Monitor Stands Make A Difference?

We always have to ensure that the equipment we purchase actually makes a difference and adds value. Studio monitor stands are usually something that most beginner music producers have questions about. Specifically whether they are useful or not. This post will therefore discuss whether studio monitor stands actually make a difference. With that said, Do […]

Do Expensive Speakers Sound Better?

When it comes to speakers, having the right info should always be the first thing that you think about before you even consider walking into a store to buy them. This post will discuss whether or not expensive speakers do indeed sound better….because this topic has been raised over and over again by most newbie […]

Do USB Condenser Microphones Need Phantom Power?

USB Condenser microphones are the go to microphones for most newbie music producers that cannot afford audio interfaces. You may have wondered how condenser microphones actually work without being plugged into an interface that can provide the needed phantom power for most condenser microphones. Not to worry, this post will cover this topic and answer […]

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