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Author : Chewe Kalamata

What Is An Audio Artifact?

The term “audio artifact” is probably something you’ve come across if you’re a music producer. Either in your own recordings or other peoples recordings. This post will discuss what audio artifacts are and how they arise in relation to audio production. With that said, What are Audio Artifacts? In audio, sound or music production an […]

The Difference Between An Artist Manager and a Business Manager

Artists can have different types of managers that all serve different purposes. For those that are signed to record labels having more than one manager is almost always the situation. Two of the most important managers are the Artist Manager and the Business Manager. Most people dont know what differentiates the two and this post […]

What Is The Difference Between An Album And A Compilation?

Music albums as well as compilations are a huge part of the industry and they constitute full artist packages that are delivered to the masses for consumption via listening. I’ve come across a lot of submissions labelled either “album” or “compilation” and most people get confused and do not know the actual difference between the […]

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