Author : Chewe Kalamata

How To Effectively Communicate With A Music Producer?

The relationship between music producer and artist is the most important in any creation of a song. Therefore it is quite vital to establish a working relationship with your producer in order for you to properly give information to them pertaining to execution, process or suggestions. This post will effectively run down how to establish […]

Is Sound Engineering A Good Career?

Sound engineering is one of the most vital jobs in music production. With all the intricacy involved in the creation of music, sound engineers play such an important role. So, Is Sound Engineering a good career? Sound engineering is a great career because it offers various career options in various fields such as music, motion […]

Is A 13 Inch Laptop Too Small For Music Production?

People that are looking to get into music production often wonder what computer will suit them best in order for them to be able to pull off a good job. Laptops come in different sizes and the question that gets tossed around a lot is; “Is a 13 inch laptop too small for music production?” […]

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