Author : Chewe Kalamata

What Questions Should I Ask A Music Producer?

With music production becoming so easily accessible to almost everybody, there has been a rise in the number of music producers in the world. Usually when you’re working on an album or EP, you’ll want to get some details about the producer that you may encounter at any time, this is to establish that you […]

What Does A Beginner Music Producer Need?

It can be overwhelming when you begin your music production journey. I remember when I first started out, It felt like there was too much information to consume, therefore, i created this post to give insight to anyone just getting into music production. So what does a beginner music producer need? basically what you need […]

Should I Mix And Master My Own Music?

The internet has made almost everything in this world accessible. You can research any career or skill that you wish to get into and you’ll find hundreds of search results related to your query. Therefore most artists have made the process of mixing and mastering part of their process, most interviews of musical artists have […]

Should I Master My Beats Before Selling?

The rise of online beat selling, has definitely made a huge splash over the past few years. We’ve seen so much success from different producers. This is due to the fact that it has become much easier to sell beats, with the breakthrough of social media. With such freedom to get on these platforms and […]

What Is The Purpose Of A Dedicated Machine Room In A Professional Recording Facility?

Most well established recording studios have dedicated machine rooms, It has become a trend over the past few years, all thanks to advancements in technology. So you might wonder why recording studios will separate all the gear/machines from their working area have it set up in another room. Here are the reasons why professional recording […]

Gift Ideas For Music Producers (The Complete List)

Getting a gift for a music producer can be quiet challenging, traditionally a new set of gear could be a good start, but what do you get if you’re not really into music production and are not familiar with any studio equipment? Well don’t worry this post has you covered with good gift ideas that […]

Is GarageBand Good For Making Music?

Almost all music creators can agree that; the battle of figuring out the right Digital Audio Workstation for your music production is quite challenging. I’ve worked in so many DAWs and I still feel like each one differs from the other in a particular way that makes it unique. Apple’s Garageband is an entry level […]

How Do Recording Engineers Make Money?

You might be looking to get started in audio engineering and have no idea how recording engineers make their money. Or you’re a beginner in music production and are looking to get some ideas about how you can monetize your craft. It’s no secret that the music industry has various income streams, This post will […]

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