Author : Chewe Kalamata

Can You Play A Synthesizer Without Electricity?

If you’re into music production or know a bit about it, then you have obviously run across the term synthesizer. these electronic instruments have become a go to for most modern producers because of the general direction that music has taken over the years. for the newbie producers you may be looking to buy one […]

The Best Vocal Microphone (Beginners Guide)

Choosing the right microphone is very important, and it may pose a challenge for the newbie producer that just got into music production. What you’re generally looking for is: a microphone that can properly and accurately capture an audio signal and provide the best output quality possible. In this post I’ll walk you through a […]

Top VST’s Used By Trap Producers

Anybody that has an interest in music production has certainly felt the wave of trap music, with almost every new artist coming out with a trap hit. Some of the best trap music producers have come with their own signature sound, derived from various vst plugins that make for easy music production. When it comes […]

Can You Make A Living Off Selling Beats?

Selling beats, especially for a beginner or newbie, can be nothing short of stressful, Most of the times most people tend to not even know where to start from and may wonder if they can even make a living selling beats. Beat Selling is a highly lucrative business especially now that online beat selling platforms […]

What Does It Mean To Compress Vocals?

Understanding the reason we use vocal compression is very useful, and absolutely necessary for a music producer, with that said I wrote this article to give an answer of what it means to compress vocals, and I will help you understand why you need to apply compression to your vocals. What it means to compress […]

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