Can I Put A Router On Top Of A Subwoofer?

Knowing how to handle audio equipment is of vital importance because it is mostly delicate. Granted some gear can withstand some mishandling but it’s generally a good practice to handle everything with care. Subwoofers are important because the drive low end sounds that provide the needed bass in any setting. It’s not always ideal to… Continue reading Can I Put A Router On Top Of A Subwoofer?

What Mic Does Drake Use?

Drake is one of the biggest hip-hop artists in the world right now. For the average person or fan, the actual music he puts out as the final product is the only thing of interest. However, for people that are audio or sound engineers, knowing the process involved in crafting the music is also of… Continue reading What Mic Does Drake Use?

What Is Pre-delay?

Effects are important in audio processing because they allow us to improve our audio and get it to a standard we want it at. One of the popular effects used in many arenas of audio engineering is delay. Delay is the echo-like effect that sounds more like a repetition of the original signal on which… Continue reading What Is Pre-delay?