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Author : Chewe Kalamata

Is Omnisphere Better Than Serum?

There’s a great debate amongst producers about which Plugins are the best, And usually this greatly depends on the preference of the user. In this day and age it is challenging picking the right plugins for your DAW especially now that there are over hundreds of plugin stores. For a beginner, choosing the right plugin […]

What Are Royalty Free Samples?

The use of loops and samples has become a huge part of production for a number producers (myself included) and it has made the production process a lot less complicated. What are Royalty Free Samples? Royalty free samples are samples sold on a one-time license fee basis meaning no recurring royalties or recurring license fees […]

How Important Is Mastering A Song?

What is Mastering? Mastering is the process of getting a track ready for release, it involves processing, improving, and fixing aspects of the track in order to have it sounding great and professional enough for distribution. In order for a song to be ready for distribution, it has to undergo mastering which ensures that it […]

How Do You Soundproof A Music Studio?

When it comes to audio recording work, everything about your intended work area has to be taken into consideration. Soundproofing your music studio is a good idea to control the natural flow of sound in the room, plus it can help you get rid of any noises that could potentially crowd your recordings. Essentially, soundproofing […]

How To Record Loud Vocals Without Distortion

Recording loud vocals can pose a challenge especially if you don’t know what you’re doing, that is why you have to ensure that you understand how best you can tackle loud vocal projection recordings whilst avoiding distortion. Distortion basically comes in when a particular audio signal is too strong or too over powering, leading to […]

Do I Need A Mixer For My Home Studio?

Being able to create quality music at home can be a great experience and when it comes to home music studio gear, it can be challenging to figure out what equipment you’ll truly need especially if you’re a beginner. With the vast amounts of available information on the internet, you can basically get started building […]

Is A recording Studio A Good Investment?

As a person that has worked in various recording studios, I have some insight that I can give on this topic. The common reality is, when you’re just getting started in the music business you tend to not look at the bigger picture, especially if you’re running the studio alone. You tend to be typically […]

How To Decorate A Music Studio (Decor Ideas)

Have you ever entered a clothing store that was so visually appealing (with all the manikins and things like that), that it just felt right to buy something? TRUST ME, I’ve been there. The visual appeal is what sparks your interest to buy. Visual appeal can also spark inspiration to create, which is why creating […]

How To Manage A Recording Studio Effectively?

Any person running a recording studio has to have the ability to properly conduct and manage the affairs that are involved in studio work. I run a home studio and work with many clients, and I have learnt a lot of studio management techniques, because I handle client affairs at home. Managing a recording studio […]

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