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Author : Chewe Kalamata

What Is The Best Frequency Response For A Sub-woofer?

Understanding speakers doesn’t only mean knowing how they work when they’re hooked up to your gear. As an audiophile it also means understanding speaker specifications. Subwoofers for example have various specifications that one need be aware of before purchasing them. In this post I’m going to discuss frequency response with regard to subs. Frequency response […]

Are Condenser Mics Good For Choirs?

Condenser microphones are the widely known microphone type for capturing vocals. Most people that work in audio production work that involves getting a clean and flat vocal signal almost always go for this type of microphone. With that said, can a condenser mic be the appropriate microphone for a choir? In this post I’m going […]

What Type Of Microphone Is Usually Best For Recording Dialogue?

There are different microphones available on the market today that all have their own unique application. For example, dynamic microphones are used as stage microphones and condenser microphones are known for their use in music recording studios for capturing vocals etc. But have you ever wondered what kind of microphone is used in movies to […]

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