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Can I Have A Music Career Without Social Media?

Social media is quite an effective tool for any sort of music career. The truth is, having platforms with billions and millions of people has been one of the best things to ever happen to several industries that heavily rely on audiences.

This has brought many questions and one of those questions is;

“Can I have a music career without social media?”

Having a music career without social media is possible but it is tough. Music is a highly competitive career, even more so without social media. You’d need to put in incredible amounts of effort to compete with other musicians. Even then, your chances of success would still be significantly low. Unless you have a plan in place, I wouldn’t completely rule out social media.

No Access to Vast Audiences

One of the things that social media offers all creatives is access to a huge audience in different demographics.

When you choose to pursue your career without social media you lose out on this access.

As a musician in these times where almost 90% of the world population is on social media, it will be difficult to have a fruitful career outside of social media.

Which is why I’d recommend you to get on social platforms because they’ll make your work a hell of a lot easier other than going the standard 1950s-no-social-media route.

Granted, a career is possible, but it will be inconveniently harder with your focus being on building a brand and reaching people without social media.

Little to no fan interaction

Listen, if you choose to pursue a music career without social media; it becomes harder for you to interact with your online fans.

People are now used to having insider information about musicians as they display their lifestyles on various social platforms. A career with no social media means people won’t have that much access to you and you in turn won’t have that much access to them.

This creates a problem because building brand awareness requires an open dialogue with fans. Having no interaction with them will cause problems for your navigation into the music industry.

Speaking of interaction, having no social media as a musician also closes you out from reaching out to various important industry people.

Granted you can physically meet up with them but social media offers an informal way of doing things that can ease up conversations and make building relationships that much easier.

With this in mind, having a social media platform allows you to be active 24/7 to be able to communicate and interact whenever.

Promoting music becomes harder

With no social media, music promotion becomes inconveniently difficult.

Having social media accounts set up can easily help you post links to your music for your fans to get their hands on. You can also post additional content around your music to make it that much easier for people to listen to.

With millions of people available online, your promotion will require less physical action on your part because you don’t have distribute and reach people physically.

With no social media, you have to rely on other marketing alternatives that can be great if you’re already an established musician. If you’re an upcoming or underground artist on the other hand, promotion won’t be simple and will probably cost you more money which could be used in other areas of your work if you had social media accounts.

Your competition is at an advantage

When you decide to pursue music without social media, you basically allow your competition to operate more efficiently than you.

They can get word out that much faster, promote their albums, send traffic to their offers and so on.

As a musician it is critical that you analyze competition because it is one of the determining factors of your success. This analysis can allow you to re-invent yourself and strategise better.

With no social media, it will be difficult for you to compete with musicians that have social media at their finger tips.

Selling show tickets becomes harder

Social media platforms allow for an easy and effective way of marketing.

Back in the day, this wasn’t possible.

Today, selling show tickets can be easily carried out with that much ease with social media.

You could easily set up an ad campaign detailing your show and have the ticket purchase link made available.  This is one of the luxuries you’d be giving up if you decide to go to the “no social media” route.

Therefore it’s key to evaluate your options and figure out what works best for you.

A team will be necessary

If you’re to succeed in music without the aid of social media, doing things the “DIY” way would be very difficult which is why a team would be an absolute necessity.

Having a team can sometimes mean having to spend money in maintaining this team which could be a great expense if your music is not generating income.

Utilizing social media can help your success as a DIY musician plus you’ll get to enjoy almost all your income because it won’t have to be split among a lot of people.

Your success rate will be quite low

Another thing that has to be taken into account is that working without social media as a musician can greatly skew the odds of your success.

With social media being so popular these days, choosing to do without is something almost outside the norm.

Final Thoughts

Pursing a music career without social media is certainly possible but you have to be ready for all the challenges that you’ll face.

It is no easy task and success won’t be something that is going to be easily attainable.

If you’re really looking to pursue your music career without social media, I’d greatly advise you to weigh your options and see if you’ll be able to succeed.

Also have a plan in place to detail your approach properly because a lot of times people use a trial and error approach which is very dangerous if you’re staking your whole life on this.

If you do determine that social media will be a huge help, then you can easily implement it in your strategy and work with it.

Can I Have A Music Career Without Social Media?

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