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Can I Learn Singing At 25?

Singing is a delicate art/talent and not all of us are fortunate to be born with a natural singing voice. Some of the best singers in the world learnt how to sing at a very tender age.

For someone with a genuine interest in singing, this may make them wonder whether they could pick up singing at as an adult.

I recently got an email which had the question “Can I learn singing at 25?”

I was tempted to answer that email right there and then but I thought writing out a full article and sending the person a link to the post would allow for a more in-depth explanation.

With that said, Can I learn singing at 25?”

Singing is a skill that can be learnt at any age, even at 25. The human voice matures as you grow but the core fundamentals of singing remain the same so you don’t really have to worry about your age if you’re looking to take up singing.

It’s really not about age, it’s more about your desire to take up singing and how much effort you dedicate towards it.

With that said let’s look into why many people fail to excel at singing.

Lack of passion

Most people that fail to make it in singing are those that lack the passion to fully pursue it.

If you’re really passionate about singing it doesn’t matter what age you are. You’ll still want to be a singer.

Lack of motivation

As we grow older, we are naturally going to be drawn toward the big issues that life presents to us.

You’ll have to worry about career, your marriage probably and other things that come with being an adult aged 25.

Most people usually give up on their dreams or simply lack the motivation to actually pursue things like music or singing.

Poor effort

Sometimes failed attempts at singing are just a result of poor effort and a lack of focus.

If you wish to excel at singing at age 25 or 30 or 50 or any other age. You need to work hard.

How to learn singing at 25

Here are a couple things you can do to get started on your journey to be a singer.

Private lessons

Private lessons are a great way to learn from a seasoned pro. It’s also a great way to fail and not be embarrassed because there’s a lot of people watching.

There are so many great musicians out there that will gladly take you on as a student.

You need only reach out.

Take an online course

Online singing courses can also be quite helpful. The only downside is that they demand discipline on your part because you won’t have anybody to push you to do your exercises and practice.


Another great resource that you can use to learn a couple of basics and fundamentals is YouTube.

Just look up “singing lessons”.

There are a number of singer experts that can walk you through some things you need to know.

Fundamentals of Singing


Pitch basically refers to the notes and sounds that we hear when someone sings, and it determines if the song is going to sound great or not.

The human ear is very sensitive that’s why you’re able to tell if someone is singing on key or off key.

In singing, you should learn how to hit various pitches in a song with a relative amount of accuracy to stay in tune with the overall music accompaniment.


Rhythm is basically the groove of a song and it determines its “bounce”.

In learning how to sing you’ll have to pick up on tempo and knowing how to sing and stay on time with the beat.

A great sense of rhythm begins with learning how to recognize various beat durations, to vocalize notes with different beats, as well as to be able to keep to the basic tempo of a song!


Breathing is a key aspect in singing. Most singing coaches introduce breathing exercises to students during their first lessons for singing.

What most people don’t realize is that breathing is a very natural process, and it is certainly not difficult to achieve better breath control for singing. All you need is to practice.

Understanding how you’re supposed to breathe for singing is essential in achieving a great breath foundation for your future singing endeavours.


Our voice is something that we often taken for granted when we sing, we usually focus most of our attention on other things.

However, atleat half of our attention must be expended on strengthening our voice because it is the tool which allows us to produce great sounds when singing.

Basic understanding of your voice and vocal cords is essential in adopting beneficial singing habits, as well as producing sounds that are more relaxed and healthy for you to vocalize.


Producing sound with our voice is easy, However, learning how to produce and shape our voice accordingly in order to form and express words that our audience can understand is quite tasking but essential.

This is why diction is also one of the key basics of singing, because it pretty much determines whether our audience understands what we are singing, and whether we are able to connect with them through our singing.

Diction is also a key factor towards hitting the correct pitches, especially for the high notes which can be quite tricky.


Now that you have some fundamentals of singing, you can take up full lessons.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can still learn how to sing.

Growing older doesn’t diminish the quality of your voice, it simply makes it better.

Can I Learn Singing At 25?

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