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Can Wearing Headphones For Too Long Cause Headaches?

We all have questioned the safety of having headphones on for a long time at one point or another.

Working with headphones or simply playing music through them for pleasure listening is a great way to be fully immersed in the music to enjoy it more.

However, most people have questioned how safe it is to be in headphone’s the whole day or for long extended periods of time.

This post will discuss whether or not listening to audio through headphones for too long can cause headaches because it is a question I encounter quite a lot.

With that said, can wearing headphones for too long cause headaches?

Simply wearing headphones without any audio playing through them won’t cause a headache, however listening to loud music through your headphones for too long can cause fatigue which may eventually leads to experiencing a headache.

It is wise to not have headphones on for too long so you avoid any discomfort like a headache.

What to do when you get a headache from headphone usage

Below are some things you can do when you experience frequent headaches from the use of headphones:

See a doctor

The first and obvious thing you can do is to see a doctor and get an educated opinion and treatment.

Ensure that you fully explain what you’ve been experiencing so they can help you better.

Holding anything back will just make it harder for the health professional to help.

Take off the headphones

Headaches cause discomfort and sometimes its hard to pinpoint the cause.

But once you know and figure out that your headsets are giving you Headaches the best practice is to take them off and avoid using them for the rest of the day.

This is also a good time to take a break from loud noise if you’re constantly exposed to it.

If you deciee to play audio through loudspeakers, it’s useful to turn down the volume or just completely turn them off. And let your ears rest.

You can also take a walk in nature just to keep your head clear and give yourself some time away from noise.

Might be a sign for rest

Most people overwork themselves without getting sufficient rest. The fact is, your brain is not a machine.

You need to rest.

Going on without getting the proper rest needed, plus exposing yourself to loud sounds and noises is a recipe for discomfort.

Which is why, you need to take a break and just get some rest especially if you haven’t been getting enough.

Use speakers in place of headphones

Another good practice that you can use after finding out that your headphones are causing headaches is to use loudspeakers instead of headphones.

This can be a good way to avoid your headache worsening but you have to ensure that you also use the loudspeakers in moderation…preferably at low volume.

How to avoid headaches from headphone usage:

Below are some things you can do to avoid getting headaches from the use of headphones.

Avoid loud music

The best and safe way of avoiding headaches is simply avoiding loud music and loud situations.

Loud situations such as noise from a busy working environment can cause headaches which is why you could also invest in some ear shields that can help you block out noise.

If you work in a noisy environment.

Avoid long usage

Using headphones for prolonged periods of time is not only discomforting but is also highly dangerous.

It can easily lead to hearing loss which could either be temporary or permanent.

So avoid listening to loud music for long periods of time in headphones.

Your best bet is limiting your usage and playing audio at a low volume so you don’t eventually get a headache.

Let your ears breathe

Taking breaks can be a great way to avoid getting headaches from long exposure to headphones.

Your ears need to breathe, therefore help them do this by limiting your use of headphones.

30 minute to 1 hour breaks are ideal.

If you develop a headache however, its in your best interest to completely stop using the headphones for the day or atleast until the headache subsides.

Don’t use headphones everyday

Everyday use of headphones is certainly not ideal. The ears just like any other organ are bound to cause problems when over used or inconsiderately used.

Everyday use of headphones can easily cause discomfort ranging from ear fatigue, hearing loss to headaches.

So don’t use your headphones on a daily basis.

Skip a day or two at-least, in order for you to let your mind and ears rest.

Can Wearing Headphones For Too Long Cause Headaches?
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