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Can You Get An Apprenticeship In Music?

Apprenticeships can be a great way to cement your knowledge and acquire some industry expertise that can help you in your career.

One of the frequently asked questions in online communities is whether it is possible to get an apprenticeship in music.

Apprenticeships in music do exist but opportunities are highly competitive, various music industry agents such as radio, TV, record companies and many others do offer apprenticeships.

A person looking to find an apprenticeship will be at a major advantage if they hone down on what are of music they wish to find an apprenticeship in.

This narrows down the focus rather than having to go at the whole industry, you’re better off figuring out your strong point and applying for an apprenticeship where your skill set will put you at an advantage.

Record Company Apprenticeships

Record companies do offer Apprenticeships to musicians that are deemed fit to work.

This can be a highly competitive space because alot of people look to record companies for apprenticeships because of the advantages that come with them.

A musician can be trained in music production and be able to sit in recording sessions to understand the creative process more deeply.

Apprentices can be trained in audio engineering, sound recording and many other areas that are involved in music production.

Radio Apprenticeships

Radio also offers opportunities for musicians to be taken on apprenticeships.

The duties of the musicians here will be varied depending on what the radio station decides.

They maybe trained as technicians for live audio presentation, they can also be trained to compose music and ads for radio.

There are a lot of areas where your music knowledge can be applied and it always helps to do some background research of the radio station that you wish to be trained at.

Also make sure your music strengths are line with radio requirements.

TV Apprenticeships

There also exist Apprenticeships in Television and the training is quite similar to radio.

An apprentice will be taken on and trained in:

Selecting and arranging the music the music that is used in talk shows. If there’s a live band involved the apprentice may also be trained in rehearsing with and leading the band.

Some TV shows may include talent searches in which the apprentice maybe responsible for any music and technical audio set ups.

The apprentice can also be trained to be responsible for matters concerning audio in live broadcasting segments.

Music Performance Apprenticeships

Live music performance agencies exist to facilitate live performances for music and other events.

An apprentice can be taken on and can be trained in Live audio set up, microphone placements, equalization, mixing consoles etc.

This can be a great way for musicians to learn how to handle live performances and everything involved in the audio side of things.

Such gigs are very competitive and one may find it difficult to find an offering for Apprenticeship.

Music Business Apprenticeships

You can also get hired by music management companies to gain a deeper understanding into the inner working of the music business.

This can be a great way for somebody new to music to learn about things like copyright, masters, performance royalties, mechanical royalties, licensing, and all other technical business nuances that come with music.

Having the right industry or record company connections can help you find such Apprenticeships.

But just be aware that it can be a highly competitive space but also one of the most rewarding for a musician looking for industrial experience.

Learning and understanding how the business side of things in music works will help the apprentice be able to make better judgement and decisions about the future of their music.

Talent Agency Apprenticeships

Talent agencies are also called booking agents and they are responsible for finding work for actors, authors, broadcast journalists, film directors, musicians, models, screenwriters, writers, and other professionals in various entertainment or broadcast businesses.

When it comes to talent agencies, assistants are always hired to facilitate the work done by agencies.

This can be a good path for somebody looking to find their feet in the talent business and make some vital job connections in the process.

This can be a highly competitive field especially for a musician.

Music Education Apprenticeships

For musicians, one of the easiest way to find work is to go the music education route.

Music teachers are always in demand and it can be competitive for someone with very little experience.

But it can be a great way to explore the teaching side of music, though it may not be a lucrative method of monetizing ones craft, it can be a great learning experience.

Identifying and knowing your strengths as a musician here can help you out a lot because you can easily teach what you know while you pick up other skills from other music teachers.

Event Management Apprenticeships

Event Management is a big business and one that generates cash in the millions.

As a musician you can seek out an event management Apprenticeship so you can gain training and know more about event organisation and things of that nature.

This can be a highly competitive field, and may require less of your musical knowledge and call on your media knowledge.

But a musician can also thrive here because most event management agencies organize events for musicians.

The apprentice can be taught how to contact artist managers, set up deals and handle the rest of the event planning.

This can be a great way to have some contacts in the business.

Composer Apprenticeships

Musicians can also find Apprenticeships for composers that would further their knowledge with practical experience.

These Apprenticeships may be harder to find but they can be highly rewarding for the apprentice.

Can You Get An Apprenticeship In Music?
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