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Can You Make A Living Off Selling Beats?

Selling beats, especially for a beginner or newbie, can be nothing short of stressful,

Most of the times most people tend to not even know where to start from and may wonder if they can even make a living selling beats.

Beat Selling is a highly lucrative business especially now that online beat selling platforms exist. With the right internet marketing skill, one can earn a full time income by leveraging the internet’s ability to reach a global audience.

Online platforms such as Beatstars have paid out over 50 Million dollars, this is one of the reasons why making a living selling beats is VERY possible.

Do you need a license to sell beats?

You do not need any sort of license in order for you to sell your beats.

I would advise you to have a lawyer in place to represent you,

just in case you find your self in a legal battle from uncleared samples,

or artists failing to pay,

or you might find yourself in a situation that you produce a beat that ends being a viral song an you need to claim copyright,

You need to be legally covered to avoid losing money because producers not being paid what they’re owed is very common,

and it mostly arises from the fact that the producers in question have no legal representation.

Therefore a lawyer is a must in this game, have them teach you how to set up your contracts that will have you legally covered.

How do I start selling beats?

You can start selling beats online as early as today,

matter of fact RIGHT NOW!

Essentially all you are good sounding beats and a way to get them in front of an audience.

There are NO boundaries or any barriers to entry that exist in selling your beats,

before you get started,

make sure you have a decent number of beats because

one of the key things that differentiates the successful producers from the rest is their ability to constantly put beats out and have them at the ready.

Sign up to Beatstars or Airbit buy their premium service,

 then advertise on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get your name out there.

Come up with agreements and you’ll be on your way to becoming a beat selling business.

How much do producers make in a year?

According to Recruiter, the estimated annual salary of a music producer is between $72,000 and $108,000, but these figures don’t cover everything.

Earning differ producer to producer, depending on how many business avenues a producer establishes.

in some cases producers are entitled to royalties that vary,

depending on how well their music does.

Another relevant income stream for producers is selling their own merch.

Other producers have brand endorsements that also make up a fair percentage of their earnings with this in mind you’re clearly able to see that the earnings of music producers will vary greatly and it will depend on how much work they put in.

How much money can you make selling beats?

The beat selling industry generates significant amounts of money yearly,

it is estimated that the industry generates over $30 million every year.

This not only shows potential but it goes to show that money can be made.

The game has changed;

you don’t need to be signed,

no need for an A&R or an artist.

If you have beats you can sell them to any artists around the word and earn money with absolutely no middlemen involved.

It’s possible to earn an income of $10,000 each month or more.

It all comes down to how well you structure your business and how great your content is and lastly how many people know your content.

The earnings are really limitless, I say $10,000 to show you that it is all possible and there really can be no limits.

Is arbit good for selling beats?

Airbit is one of the best platforms that you can sell your beats on,

they have a marketplace that is already well established

this gives you an edge if you do not have direct clientele that know about your beats.

This website has featured on Forbes magazine; CNBC and HiphopDx which gives it even more credibility just in case you were feeling a little skeptical.

The Airbit premium platinum costs $19.99 monthly and the yearly costs $16.66 per month.

It is a great platform because it allows you to have your own custom domain to sell your beats on,

and you can customize this site to your own liking.

Airbit also offers YouTube monetization (all you have to do is just submit your content and they’ll do the rest),

which means it makes sure that you earn revenue from your YouTube content.

What is the best website to sell beats?

You can basically sell beats on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any social platform that exists out there.

This is possible because social platforms have reach, which makes them the number one go to place for advertisers and sellers.

You can invest some money in running quality ads on these platforms to put more potential clients on toyour music.

The other two options I use to sell and offload my beats, is Beatstars and Airbit.

I have accounts on both platforms and they have a great established market of artists that always looking for beats to buy.

How much should I lease my beats for?

When dealing with the pricing of your beats, you have to be highly logical whilst retaining a business edge.

This is a business and it has to pay for your wellbeing and upkeep.

I recommend finding a price that suits you.

You also have to establish if you the beat to be licensed exclusively or non-exclusively.

Nonexclusive licenses mean the beat will be sold to more than one person,

exclusive means that the beat will be sold to more than one person.

Non-exclusive licenses typically range between $25 and $100 online.

While exclusive licenses may start from $100 to even $1000.

How do you lease beats?

Leasing beats is pretty easy, all you have to do is draft up the lease agreement with the terms sign it and have the artist buying the beat sign it.

When dealing with online clients you can send the lease agreement via email and have them sign.

Other beat selling platforms have digital forms that allow the lease agreement to be digitally available.

Usually all the artists has to do is review the license terms online then proceed to buying the beat and the agreement stands just like that.

Is selling beats online profitable?

Selling beats online, done the right way can be very profitable.

There is no shortage of online income for beat makers therefore learn how to market your beats online.

A producer can earn a consistent income from beat sales, either from their own website or using platforms like Beatstars and Airbit.

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Can You Make A Living Off Selling Beats?

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