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Can You Upload Beats To Spotify?

Digital streaming platforms have made it easier for anyone to reach a global audience and get their music heard.

Spotify is an audio streaming and media services provider and one of the most used platforms with over a hundred million listeners.

For a music producer, getting beats on a platform with a huge amount of listeners is a great thing.

Spotify allows beat makers to upload their beats and instrumentals as long as they have the right to upload the beats and such content doesn’t violate the Spotify user content agreement or the rights of others.

If you can abide to these rules then you’re free to upload your music.

Why you should put your music on Spotify

Streaming is now mainstream

Physical CDs and Digital sales have been a major part of the music business. This has been the main distribution model for a very long time.

With the emergence of Streaming services like spotify, digital and physical sales have seen their decline and this trend will continue on.

People don’t want to own music anymore, they simply want access to any and ALL music so they can play whichever music feels right at any given time.

Therefore having your beats or your instrumentals on spotify is a great way of taking advantage of the prevailing streaming trend.

Pay Rate

Spotify is paying two times more than any video or radio outlet.

It is reportedly paying back 70% of every dollar it generates back to the rights holders of the music.

This is a great signal of the state of affairs within the music business space.

Major artists are benefiting hugely from this pay rate.

For an indie beat maker, it’s more so an opportunity because they get to take their 70% rather than having to split 50-50 with a distributor or a label.

This is a great opportunity for all creators.

The Growth

Digital and physical sales over the past decade have massively dropped and this has been a major negative hit to the music business.

Spotify charges a high subscription rate to the consumer in order to ensure that it pays out a good amount to artists.

These charges are great because they are slowly letting artists recoup losses that they may have made due to the drop in sales.

A motive like this puts a person like a beat maker at an advantage because they can ride the wave and enjoy the proceeds of their music.

Intellectual property

Let’s face it, one of the downsides of the internet is that it encourages piracy to a very high degree.

Physical piracy was bad, but digital piracy is much worse.

Streaming services like Spotify are allowing users to have their content accessible but not downloadable.

This makes the incentive to stream greatly increase because all the music is in one place and no one is ripping it off a streaming service.

Other platforms will allow you to upload your music but there’s always the

risk of your music landing in the hands of a person that can repackage it and use it for promotion or anything they feel like.

Spotify is the world at your finger tips

Spotify gives you access to millions and millions of people that can listen to your music.

Therefore uploading your beats on spotify will definitely let your music reach your fans and a newer audience.

The more people listen to your music, the better for you because you can

look at your stats and analytics and be able to make adjustments to make music suited to a wider audience.

Furthermore, Playlist curators are huge in this day and age.

Playlists are the most followed on spotify and having your music playlisted

can help your record easily become a hit, generate streams and make you more money.

How do I get my beats on Spotify?

Now that we’ve gone through why it’s a good idea to get your music on Spotify, let’s have a look at the ways in which we can get our music on Spotify


If you’re looking to get your song uploaded to streaming services, Landr is a good place to start.

They also offer mastering services and you can easily sign up for their premium services.

This platform doesn’t give you any promotion, so it’s a good choice for those that are just looking to get there song out on platforms like Spotify.


Awal is another platform that you can use to get your music on streaming platforms.

Theres no direct fee that you have to pay to get your music on the platforms but AWAL does take 15% of your royalties.

This means that 15% of the money for a stream will be theirs and you’ll get to keep the 85%.


This is probably the most famous platform and it’s quite a favourite of mine.

With tunecore you get to retain 100% of your royalties, but you get to pay something to tunecore as subscription.

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Can You Upload Beats To Spotify?

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