Beat and Song Making

What Questions Should I Ask A Music Producer?

With music production becoming so easily accessible to almost everybody, there has been a rise in the number of music producers in the world. Usually when you’re working on an album or EP, you’ll want to get some details about the producer that you may encounter at any time, this is to establish that you […]

How Can I Practice Making Beats?

Beat making and composing makes up a large part of the music production world. we’ve witnessed the come up of so many producers in the industry that are primarily beat makers. artists now have their own engineers that record and mix their music, therefore the necessity of producers to make beats, record, mix and master […]

What Are Royalty Free Samples?

The use of loops and samples has become a huge part of production for a number producers (myself included) and it has made the production process a lot less complicated. What are Royalty Free Samples? Royalty free samples are samples sold on a one-time license fee basis meaning no recurring royalties or recurring license fees […]

How To Record Music At Home Without Noise

Over the years, I’ve worked in so many different home studio setups, and I’ve encountered so many different challenges that come with recording in your home. One of those challenges is getting rid of noise in the recording space.  If you are reading this right now you probably have had some trouble with background unintentional […]

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