Do Professional Musicians And Producers Use Presets?

There’s a lot of myths surrounding what tools professional record producers use with regard to music creation. For example people often wonder if professional music producers use similar tools that everyday producers use and the answer is yes. One question that I recently got from an upcoming producer is whether professional musicians and music producers… Continue reading Do Professional Musicians And Producers Use Presets?

Is Making Beats Hard?

Beat making has become such a trend these days and most people with some interest in music production are jumping on the wave. You may be one of the people jumping on that wave and of course you’ll have many questions. One of the questions I’ll address in this post is whether beat making is… Continue reading Is Making Beats Hard?

Can ASMR Have Music?

You have obviously come across the abbreviation ASMR online. YouTube has been one of the services that have popularised ASMR. If you haven’t come across this term you may be wondering what ASMR is. Well, ASMR is short for autonomous sensory meridian response which is known as the brain massage. Its a relaxing sedative sensation… Continue reading Can ASMR Have Music?