Should You Use Mic Gain? (Learn The Truth)

Music production has so many processes and technical bits that surround it. Microphones for example are tools that we used to capture vocals so that we can edit them in our various Digital Audio Workstations. It’s therefore a good thing to understand how certain controls work and how they affect recordings. Microphone gain for example,… Continue reading Should You Use Mic Gain? (Learn The Truth)

Disadvantages Of Analog Recording

Analog recording is basically a technique that is used for the recording of analog signals which, among many possibilities, allows analog audio for later playback… Analog recording methods store analog signals directly in or on the media (e.g. tape). The signal may be stored as a physical texture on a phonograph record, or a fluctuation in the field strength of a magnetic recording. Analog transmission methods… Continue reading Disadvantages Of Analog Recording

Can Humidity Ruin A Microphone?

Different temperature conditions have different effects on microphones. It pays to know what weather to watch out for, in order for you not to ruin your microphone. Equipment handling is one of the most important things that every sound engineer out there has to take seriously…because the cost of gear keeps getting higher these days… Continue reading Can Humidity Ruin A Microphone?

What Is A Mic Boom?

Microphones are used to capture various audio signals and they’re quite the important tool where audio is concerned. There are so many microphone enhancements that all serve their own unique functions…therefore knowing these enhancements is not only crucial but important in ensuring that you carry out your work well. A microphone boom pole is probably… Continue reading What Is A Mic Boom?

What Does XLR Stand For?

In audio production, we need cables for a number of things. Perharps the most important use for cables is to connect our gear accordingly and help us use our equipment more efficiently. One cable and connection type that is popular in audio production is called the XLR. You’ll find most recording microphones with XLR connections… Continue reading What Does XLR Stand For?