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Should I Master My Beats Before Selling?

The rise of online beat selling, has definitely made a huge splash over the past few years. We’ve seen so much success from different producers. This is due to the fact that it has become much easier to sell beats, with the breakthrough of social media. With such freedom to get on these platforms and […]

How Do Recording Engineers Make Money?

You might be looking to get started in audio engineering and have no idea how recording engineers make their money. Or you’re a beginner in music production and are looking to get some ideas about how you can monetize your craft. It’s no secret that the recording industry has various income opportunities, This post will […]

Can I Use A Sampled Beat For Profit?

Sampling has become an integral part of the music industry. Years ago, hip-hop was the genre that was most known to use samples, when famous rappers like the Notorious B.I.G, 2 Pac and many others brought it into the spotlight, But with the rise of multi genre music producers, almost every genre has now become […]

How Can I Be Successful In Music Production?

It’s always good to get into any project with a mind-set to be successful. This not only prepares you to win, but it also prepares you to learn and adhere to the principles of seeing the project to completion. When I got started in music production, I was so overwhelmed with everything that I had […]

Can You Make A Living Off Selling Beats?

Selling beats, especially for a beginner or newbie, can be nothing short of stressful, Most of the times most people tend to not even know where to start from and may wonder if they can even make a living selling beats. Beat Selling is a highly lucrative business especially now that online beat selling platforms […]

Is A recording Studio A Good Investment?

As a person that has worked in various recording studios, I have some insight that I can give on this topic. The common reality is, when you’re just getting started in the music business you tend to not look at the bigger picture, especially if you’re running the studio alone. You tend to be typically […]

How To Manage A Recording Studio Effectively?

Any person running a recording studio has to have the ability to properly conduct and manage the affairs that are involved in studio work. I run a home studio and work with many clients, and I have learnt a lot of studio management techniques, because I handle client affairs at home. Managing a recording studio […]

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