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Can I Have A Music Career Without Social Media?

Social media is quite an effective tool for any sort of music career. The truth is, having platforms with billions and millions of people has been one of the best things to ever happen to several industries that heavily rely on audiences. This has brought many questions and one of those questions is; “Can I […]

Build A Music Fanbase Without Social Media (The Blueprint)

As a musical artist, having a fanbase is one of the most important things that will define the success of your career. Music is business and the fanbase you build will be clientele that will pay for your services so you can sustain your living. This is why it’s very crucial to build not only […]

Is It Illegal To Stream Your Own Music?

Streaming platforms have gained their popularity since they emerged on the market. They’ve made the independent musician’s distribution much easier. These days you don’t have to worry about distribution because you can simply sign up with tunecore and be well on tour way to reaching a global audience. Anybody that is a musician has at […]

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