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Do Expensive Speakers Sound Better?

When it comes to speakers, having the right info should always be the first thing that you think about before you even consider walking into a store to buy them.

This post will discuss whether or not expensive speakers do indeed sound better….because this topic has been raised over and over again by most newbie music producers that I’ve worked with.

With that said, Do expensive speakers sound better?

Most expensive speakers sound better than cheaper ones because they’re usually optimized to perform better and are made with high end components. Experienced companies that have an established brand with a good reputation usually supply high end speakers for a higher price due to the performance they can promise and deliver to the consumer.

Which is why you’ll Experience better sound quality and extended functionality from most expensive speakers.

With that said, there are various things that affect sound quality produced by speakers and it is very vital that you understand these factors.

This is because buying expensive speakers doesn’t guarantee good sound quality when other factors that contribute and allow for quality are not properly put in place or optimized..

Therefore I’ll discuss the various Determinants that contribute and play a role in ensuring good sound quality from high end speakers.

Sound Card

Your soundcard is responsible for getting audio in and out of your computer. It comes pre-installed in your computer for this purpose.

The soundcard on your computer is sometimes referred to as an onboard soundcard.

Most onboard soundcards are generally meant to handle minimal sound tasks. Which is why it is recommended to use an external soundcard called an Audio interface if you’re looking to do heavy audio work.

Your speakers will work in accordance with the quality that your sound card or audio interface allows. Which determines the outcome of your audio output.

Therefore, if you intend to use your speakers for light computer work like playing movies or simply listening to music.

You shouldn’t expect a superior and tailored audio output that you would get if you were to use an audio interface.

So it’s worth mentioning that an audio interface plays a huge role in the improvement of sound.

Therefore, it’s a good way to use high end speakers if you’re into heavy audio work like sound engineering or music production.

Furthermore, Most High end speakers like studio monitors usually work with XLR connections so an audio interface is certainly useful.


The room simply refers to the space you intend to use the speakers in. Always remember that speakers work according to the environment or space they are placed in.

Which makes it cardinal to have your space well prepared for Speaker use.

For rooms meant for audio and sound engineering it’s almost always necessary to carry out some acoustic treatment to ensure that sound in the room or space is controlled.

In most cases, rooms are usually sound proofed to keep noise out so it doesn’t mess with the audio being produced by the speakers.

Furthermore, rooms are usually treated with acoustic absorption material to stop sound waves from bouncing all over the room.

Absorption material like acoustic panels can help absorb sound so it doesn’t bounce off bare walls.

Therefore, the space or room within which speakers are to be used play a very huge role in the overall audio quality that Is produced.

Speaker settings

All speakers have various technical settings that are necessary for optimization.

If you get the settings wrong or simply use settings that are not suited for the occasion….you’ll more than likely run into bad output.

Which is why it’s paramount to get your speaker settings right. Optimize your speaker settings right, aswell as your audio interface settings then your computer settings aswell.

Speaker placement

Most High end expensive speakers are made for specific scenarios and their set up and placement follows this scenario.

You have to ensure that you place your speakers in the manner they’re supposed to be set because this has a huge impact on the overall flow of sound within your space.

For studio monitors meant for music production you have to place both speakers slightly facing the producers chair so they can the most out of the audio experience.

Some speaker sets have more than two speakers and will usually have a manual detailing how to go about placing them. Don’t ignore the manual if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You can also hire a sound system techie to help you get set up with your new speakers. This can be a great way to learn more about your speakers and understand how they work.

The right use

Speakers are not universal contrary to popular belief.

Certain speakers are meant for certain and specific application so always keep this in mind when dealing with speakers.

As a matter of fact, the first step in getting the best audio output from your speakers is to get the right speakers.

Buy speakers depending on the purpose you intend to use them for so you get rid of any headaches that you would encounter from using the wrong ones.

High end speakers meant for outdoor stage use won’t be of much use in a recording studio set up because they simply not made for that purpose.

So get the right speakers for what ever purpose you plan to use them for.

Audio quality

Another factor that determines the quality of sound produced by speakers is the actual quality of the audio being played through them.

If you have low quality audio, playing it on expensive speakers won’t make it sound any better in quality.

At best the expensive speakers will simply magnify and express the low quality nature of the audio being run through them.

Final Thoughts

High end speakers will produce high quality sound if they are used the right way, in the right setting, with the right optimization.

Do Expensive Speakers Sound Better?

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