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Do Musicians Ever Get Tired Of Music?

Music is art and there are many forms of art. For most people, music slowly moves from being a hobby to being a full time job.

 For example, I’m a music producer and content creator that writes al the content on this site based on my years of experience as a music producer and composer.

One question that I recently got from a close friend of mine is “does it ever get tiring to make music as a musician?”

I felt that the response to that question would make for a great post and I therefore decided to write out this article.

With that said, let’s get into this post.

So, do musicians ever get tired of music?

At one point or another, musicians do get tired of music that is why record labels always factor in some downtime for their artists.

This is to help them cool off and not get burnt out.

A career in music is very involving and most of the time, artists and muscians are working.

Let’s take a look at some of the 3 major things that are involved in musicians career.

Recording music

Musicians spend most of their times making records which means being in the studio recording tracks.

Being continously accustomed to such a work ethic usually results in a musician getting burnt out a number of times.

Let’s all face it, passion for music is certainly everything but doing the same thing over and over can be tiring.

This is one of the reasons why musicians take breaks after spending a lot of time recording a body of work.

It’s only natural to seek a break.

Press appearances

Another facet that comes with being a musician is doing press runs.

Press runs are all about promoting your brand and whatever work may be on the table accompanying the promotion at that moment.

These press runs can be quiet tiring and may have you tap out as a musician.

If you’re under a label you may be obligated to do heavy press runs which may even be more tiring.


Performances are another part of being a musician. Your sole purpose as a musician is to entertain and this usually means performing for people.

Tours are usually roadshows which musician undertake for however long to generate income and promote work.

These tours can be quite tasking and have been known to severely exhaust musicians.

Such an involving life can really make musicians get tired of music. This is why it’s beneficial to rest.

Why taking a break is important

In this part of the post im going to discuss why taking breaks is important for musicians. Be it short breaks, vacations, holidays etc.

Avoid getting burnt out

If you over work yourself constantly, you’re bound to get burnt out.

working hard is great but you have to be considerate by taking care of your body and mind.

Therefore, take some time to break away from the music to rest both your body and mind.

Resting is good for the mind

Taking a break is essential for keeping your creative mind in a good space.

Constantly working tires your mind as much as your body. The only way your mind responds to being tired and exhausted is to simply make it harder for you to function.

Which is why, in most cases musicians can easily find it hard to come up with musical ideas when their exhausted.

If Resting is not part of the plan, the you’ll likely get burnt out so you should always keep an eye out for this.

Become more self aware and understand when your body and mind needs rest.

Studying the markets

Resting allows you to step away from the music so you can take a deep look at the markets.

Studying the music markets is the only way that you can become a better music maker.

Therefore, take some time to rest and study the music that most people are gravitating towards.

Study the charts, study YouTube, study the comments on social posts etc.

My point is, downtime doesn’t always have to be unproductive, sometimes musicians taking a break may be a great way to zoom out and understand the music market better.

Family time

Family time is essential for musicians seeing that they’re away most of the time.

Taking a break is essential because it can allow the musician to spend time with Family.

Final Thoughts

Musicians just like any other career people do get tired of their craft. A music career can be exhausting and can easily leave a musician burnt out. It’s therefore Important to take breaks from the music.

Do Musicians Ever Get Tired Of Music?
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