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Do Plugins Use RAM Or CPU?

CPU, RAM module

The function of RAM and CPU can be quiet confusing especially if you’re a newbie to the music production game.

so, do VST plugins use RAM or CPU?

every process of any VST plugin is managed by your CPU,

RAM just makes it easier for your CPU to carry out the tasks much easier and faster.

therefore they work hand in hand, but your plugins use your CPU which is ultimately the brain of your computer.

RAM is fundamentally random access memory and CPU is your central processing unit, these two work closely together and you’ll understand how as you read through this article.


Random access memory abbreviated as RAM plays the role of short-term memory storage space that can be accessed at any time.

while your Central Processing Unit (CPU) also knows as your Processor is responsible for providing instructions and all the processing power that your computer might need in order for it to work properly.

RAM provides means for the CPU to carry out its job much more effectively, the CPU stores data temporarily on RAM in order for it to be more easily accessible,

therefore, the more RAM a computer has the easier the CPU can handle or juggle data at any given time.

the best example is thinking of RAM as the workspace on which the CPU can process data,

therefore the bigger the RAM, the more workspace the processor has to operate on.

which means there has to be a balance between the RAM and the CPU because having all the RAM in the world with a limited processor won’t make much of difference.

theres a lot of misconceptions that surround this topic because most producers think getting alot of RAM and neglecting the processor will magically solve their problem.

when in reality you need a good processor,

the right processor that can make use of the RAM you might have.

the more up-to-date and powerful your processor is the more your computer can work easily and faster.

having a powerful processor will put you in a better position to get the most out of your RAM.

but be reminded that it’s not a matter of choosing between RAM or CPU,

its more about finding the right balance of the two.

What Is more important CPU or RAM?

the truth is; they are both important, one cannot work without the other, but the CPU being the brain of your computer is probably much more important.

the more clock speed and the more cores your processor has the better it will perform.

if you’re researching the importance because you want to buy either the RAM or processor, then I’d recommend that you firstly acquire or purchase a CPU.

because CPU upgrades are much more difficult than RAM upgrades.

for example for some mac books, it’s literally impossible to upgrade your processor but it is possible for PC,

therefore take advantage of this and get the best processor you can get.

Ram is just important because the processor needs easy access of data and RAM makes that possible.

the overall performance of a computer will be determined by the union of your RAM and processor,

and how well that union is.

is too much RAM bad?

Ram is volatile memory,

it only maintains and stores information when it is receiving power,

once a computer is turned off accidentally,

all of that information will be lost,

that’s why your PCs have hard drives.

hard drives store data and protect it even in an event of a random power cut.

so is having too much RAM a problem?

having too much RAM is not a bad thing at all, but some motherboards can only support up to a certain amount of RAM therefore you have to stay within that limit and not over equip your computer.

more ram will work best with a good processor so don’t just go for larger ram and not consider the processor as well.

its always good to make this assessment because you might end up paying for more RAM and then not notice any difference in your processing because your processor is not as good.

you also need to consider the fact that you’ll only need a lot of ram in situations that will require a lot of temporary data storage like video editing, music production, gaming etc,

so theres no point in equipping your pc with 32gb ram if you’re simply using excel on it to enter and record data.

but within the context of music produxtion,

its always good to have lots of ram lying around,

because most DAWs will require a good cpu that is combined with a good amount of ram for it to run smoothly and provide you with the workflow ease that you need.

Does RAM fix stuttering?

stuttering is an effect that you might experience when you using a Software DAW,

where you the program sort of glitches and make its difficult to play back your session properly because it stutters.

when I first started making music I ran my music production on an average pc with average specs,

I used to experience stutters whenever I’d use FL Studio,

especially if I had a lot of plugins open or whenever I was designing synths or bass or snares and etc,

therefore I understood the importance of a good system long ago.

Ram can help to reduce the stutters but you’ll need a better processor to permanently get rid of the stutter problem.

what a stutter means is that your processor is having trouble processing all of the information you’re feeding it at once because it is under equipped or your ram is particularly small therefore exaggerating the problem.

always consider the right blend of RAM and CPU to handle problems associated with ineffective processing.

Is it better to have more RAM or faster processor (CPU)?

you need to have a balanced combination of both to be honest,

but you’re better off having a faster processor,

because most of the times the processor will still be able to process data at a good rate even if it’s working with an average amount of RAM,

when your RAM it is huge and you have it working with a processor that is average,

your processes will run slow because computer does not have enough processing power to use.

a delicate combination of the two is the best option, therefore don’t think of them individually,

instead think of them as the ying yang of your computer system.

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Do Plugins Use RAM Or CPU?

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