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Do Producers Go On Tours?

We know that musicians and artists go on tour to perform and promote their music. For music producers, tours are really something that is not spoken about because most people do not know whether it is a good idea for them.

We then run into the question;

“Do music producers go on tour?”

Music producers do go on tour but it is uncommon, they mostly host networking events and may travel to different states or countries doing so. In other instances they may accompany an artist or a band to provide support and help with technical activities especially if they work closely with the artist and are in the position to offer this help.

With that said, it is quite to important to understand why it may be necessary for music producers to include touring as part of their strategy.

If you’re a producer that has never gone on tour then do stick around because this article will teach you a lot that you can implement in your own strategy.

The role of producers on tours/concerts

Music producers are not known to go on tours quiet often but the fact is they actually do. The artist/band ofcourse will obviously front line the show while the producer handles the production side of things to ensure the performance goes on smoothly.

They may prepare the stems to particular records and ensure that they are cued properly to help the performance. This best works when the artist and the producer work together often and the producer has enough knowledge and access to the majority of the artist’s songs.

Furthermore, the producer can help to train the live instrument players by offering technical assistance in how instrumentation should be generally played for particular songs.

The producer may give a glimpse into the particular instrumentation that is key to certain records, provided they know the records well or they worked on them.

Furthermore, producers that know how to DJ can be of very much help to an artist because they can use their music production expertise as well as DJ skills to help the artist pull off an outstanding performance.

The producer having knowledge of the artist’s work can be of very much help because they can make good judgement on which songs can be cued next to each other as well as which songs can be used to unravel certain moods etc.

The technical side of things in music can be of very much help to artists because their performance can very well improve and be even better.

With that said, music producers that have a huge following or are publicly known can also help the artist bring in some of their fans to support the artist.

A producer with a popular well known brand can really reflect well on an artist.

Just as artists bring other artists on tours to help them make the show better and to sort of appeal to a variety of audiences, music producers that are popular can also help the artist in this very manner.

Therefore it pays to have a good understanding of how having a producer on tour can be a great thing for the artists.

Music Producer tours

It’s not always that music producers go on tours with artists sometimes they do host their own events and may be called tours not in the context of concerts but networking events.

Music producers do host networking events to connect with other industry producers to build relationships and bring some awareness to their brand.

Most of the time music producers may host these events to provide some detailed insights to aspiring producers.

These insights can help aspiring producers to have direction and know what to exactly work on to improve their odds of becoming successful.

These networking events may cost some money to attend but can provide great opportunities to music producers because they can provide an inside look into the workings of the music production side of things in the industry.


We can’t neglect the fact that some music producers not only produce music but are actually artists themselves.

Certain music producers are not only known for production but are also artists. This is common in the EDM genre as well as the electronic pop genre.

Musicians like Marshmello, Bauer etc are EDM producers that are able to host their own shows because they are able to play and perform their own music as DJs.

These producers are so genre specific and are known for their brands. They basically publish music as their own and will usually feature artists.

Final Thoughts

Music producers go on tours to either host networking events, or DJ their own songs as well as DJ other artists songs. Music producers can also offer technical assistance and may be hired to work closely with an artist to ensure that the concerts are played and performed properly.

Do Producers Go On Tours?
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