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Do Studio Monitor Stands Make A Difference?

Studio monitor stands

We always have to ensure that the equipment we purchase actually makes a difference and adds value.

Studio monitor stands are usually something that most beginner music producers have questions about. Specifically whether they are useful or not.

This post will therefore discuss whether studio monitor stands actually make a difference.

With that said, Do studio monitor stands make a difference?

In my experience studio monitor stands do make a difference because they help; diminish sound reflections, create better position points, allow for sound staging whilst affording you more space, leaving your desk free for other use. Stands also help your studio monitors be at a decent height above the work surface so sound can be better directed toward a central axis.

The importance of studio monitor stands is quite evident. With this in mind, one has to know what to look for when choosing to buy studio monitor speaker stands, therefore let’s get into what you should go for when choosing speaker stands.


When choosing studio monitor stands always go for the ones that have absolute strength. This is because you need stands that will be able to hold the speakers in place.

Sturdiness is an absolute must because if your stand is shakey, more than likely your speaker position will be compromised.

Also ensure that your stand is not heavy but strong. It’s advisable to check the stand specifications so you have a general idea of the weight they can handle.

You also need to know the weight of your studio monitor speakers so you can be able to pick and choose stands of equal proportion to be able to hold them in place.


Your stands need to be ones that are adjustable so they can give you some flexibility in any moment when it may be necessary for you to adjust them…

Good adjustable stands are what you’re looking for in order to create separation between the studio monitors to avoid any comb filtering issues.

While we are on the topic of adjust-ability, it’s worth it to mention that you should also pay attention to the shelf which is the top plate of the stand. The shelf holds your speakers in place and ensures that they are in position.

When looking at a stand as a possible purchase, be sure that the stand shelf is the size of your speakers.


The base of your studio monitor stand is another thing that you have to pay attention to. You need a good base that can allow you to place your speakers in various positions.

For instance, Most producers and engineers want their speakers to be in corners which requires a specific base.

My recommendation is that you go for a stand with a tripod base. This is because tripod bases offer a certain stability which you’ll find is very useful….. more so for most speakers whose position may need to be changed from time to time.


When it comes to studio monitor stands. Do ensure to avoid stands with hollow Columns. This is for the simple fact that they introduce acoustic vibrations within the columns.

If you’re doing sound engineering you obviously want to avoid this because you’re looking for accurate audio representation.

Choosing stands to suit needs

Ofcourse, the various attributes of stands discussed above are essential for your studio monitors but you should also keep in mind that, specific use for studio monitors should also be considered.

Because the way a sound engineer, recording engineer and film audio engineer use monitor speakers is different which is why I’ll discuss things are worth pointing out with regard to use.

Record Engineers

Recording engineer’s primary job is to ensure all equipment is set up right to make recording possible.

For most of their work, recording engineers are usually on their feet or seated at their desk communicating and directing the recording artist. Other times they’re on their feet adjusting various parameters such as mixing levels.

It is for this reason that they need large extendable stands that can help them carry out their work effectively. Preferably, the speakers need to be at head height.

Extendable and retractable monitor stands will enable studio engineers to be able to adjust the studio monitors to their proper head height depending on whether they are standing or sitting at a desk as they carry out their work.

Music producers

Most music Producers tend to work in much smaller spaces than studio engineers which usually means they usually will not have the space that is required for larger stands.

Producers do not necessarily need extendable stands since they do not vary their listening height.

A producer’s budget for speaker stands is usually less than that of a full blown recording studio. So they need to consider the best options for their price point.  

This does not mean the stands will be of lower quality. In most cases, smaller monitor stands can outperform larger more expensive models.

However, the performance of smaller stands that are not freestanding can be significantly affected by the desk that they sit on, as well as the items available on the desk.

Final Thoughts

Studio monitor stands are certainly useful and do serve a significant function. They make a difference that can be noted the moment they are used to hold studio monitors.

Depending on the work that you need, your specifications of the studio monitor stands you need will differ.

If your work requires you to be stationed at one point then you don’t need very sophisticated stands. However if your work requires you to maneuver around the room that housing the speakers. You need good adjustable stands that you can easily adjust to suit specific needs.

Do Studio Monitor Stands Make A Difference?
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