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Do You Need Speakers For Music Production?

Speakers are essential and they play an important role in music production.

What matters even more is your ability to recognize what music should sound like on different play back systems.

You need speakers for music production in order to hear and perceive audio accurately to make better recording, mixing and mastering decisions. Studio Monitor speakers are the recommended speaker type for professional music production work.

This doesn’t mean you can’t work without speakers,

it means speakers will do some good for your production process.

Monitor speakers by design are great for music production.

Therefore a good pair of monitor speakers would be a great start if you’re contemplating what kind of speakers you would need.

Can you use regular speakers as studio monitors?

Studio monitors are designed in a unique way, it is very rare that would find regular speakers that would give you an accurate representation of audio as good as monitor speakers would.

Therefore, the answer is no.

Monitor speakers are better for music production work.

Why you should buy monitor speakers

Studio monitor speakers by design provide a flat frequency response which makes them perfect for music production.

The design allows for accurate frequency representation without manipulating them to make them sound “louder”.

Monitor speakers will not add any artificial color to the sound, which is a good thing because there’s a lot of bad speakers on the market that can ruin your mixes.

Studio monitors also allow for flexible adjustments to positioning.

You can easily set monitor speakers on a desk, table or they can freely stand positioned by your preference.

Furthermore, with monitor speakers you’ll enjoy a better stereo image,

They pretty much well sized to fit even the smallest music recording studio, which is great if you tend to move your equipment around during travel.

Best Monitor speakers for music production

Presonus Eris E3.5-3.5″ Near Field Studio Monitor

These studio monitors are used all over the world and the attention to detail is pretty interesting.

They utilize a woven composite low frequency driver which results in a more consistent dispersion pattern of the frequency range resulting in clearer and more accurate output.

Furthermore the Eris 3.5 comes equipped with a silk dome tweeter that, by design is able to provide a wide dispersion pattern.

this dispersion creates the sweet spot which is an optional listening area.

This essentially means that you could move them around and still retain the sweet spot.

Another thing that strikes me as particularly interesting is the easy to use controls.

Go ahead and Purchase Presonus Eris E3.5 here.

JBL Professional Studio Monitor

This studio monitor is known for its image control wave-guide which provides detailed imaging and a broadened sweet spot for listening.

The patented slim stream low frequency port works with the woofer to be able to provide a superior deep bass response at all playback levels whether high or low.

Go ahead and purchase the JBL studio Monitor here.

This purchase comes with a studio monitor, a power cord, set up guide and peel off rubber pads.

Definitely worth every penny.

Mackie CR X Series

These are one of the best budget studio monitors you can buy and they provide great value, dont let their 3 inch design fool you.

They offer a good flat sound and they do particularly well for mid range and high range frequencies,

supplementing them with a good sub bass will allow you to really harvest those low frequencies.

It has a rugged build offering good and decent clarity of sound.

They are easy to carry because they are not as heavy, plus the vinyl coating offers a great visual aesthetic and don’t be surprised that people buy these monitors for this reason

Purchase the Mackie Cr-X monitors here

Adam Audio T5V

These are highly affordable studio monitors that are optimised for small rooms.

It has a 5″woofer that have a bass frequency response that extends to about 45 Hertz.

Furthermore, the tweeter is highly optimized for high resolution recording and mixing,

plus the precision wave guide is known for its uniform dispersion rich with high frequencies that provide an incredible sweet spot that is wide.

These speakers are also powered with a 50W Class D Amplifier for the woofer and a 20W Class D amplifier for the tweeter.

therefore if you have a small controlled room you’ll gladly appreciate the acoustic characteristics of these speakers.

Purchase the T5V Here


These are classic monitors that offer a variety of featured to meet the requirements and demands of the highly competitive music production market.

The KRK 2 have an innovative class A/B amplifier that has a built in limiter plus a glass pyramid composite woofer and wave guide designed to ensure the utmost detailed imaging in the required listening position.

these monitor speakers are incredibly versatile and they will allow you to position them in any manner that you deem fit.

They are definitely worth every penny.

Go ahead and Purchase the KRK 2 Here.


Music production is a meticulous job that requires a trained good ear and the right equipment to match.

Some other articles will determine that speakers are not necessary because you could mix just as well in headphones,

but remember that if you your goal is to do music production seriously.

You’ll need a good pair of monitor speakers to help you capture sound more vividly and with a better degree of accuracy.

Furthermore, monitor speakers are highly optimized for music and basic audio production work which makes them very important in this case.

Don’t settle for any speakers, buy monitor speakers so you can accurately record, mix and master your music.

I hope you found the studio monitor recommendations helpful.

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