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Does It Matter What Pop Filter You Get?

Pop filters are great tools used in music production to counteract plosive

sounds that are found that have the letters P, B, T, S, D, K and G.

When it comes to pop filter a standard one will suffice, you don’t really need something over priced.

Pop filters serve the same function which is to create a barrier between the microphone and the person recording.

You can pull off great sounding vocals using a fairly priced pop filter as you would using an expensive one.

The best pop filter to get would be one that is not too expensive and one that not too cheap.

Below are some great recommendations that you could try using

Neewer NW (B-3)

This is a solid pop filter that will get the job done.

The neewer will greatly reduce the plosive and hiss sounds plus it is a fairly inexpensive option.

If you’re looking for a beginner friendly pop filter that can deliver crisp and clean vocals this is the way to go.

Plus it has a very professional design that will add on to the beauty of any studio.

Definitely worth checking out.

Earamble Studio

The Earamble Studio is one of the best selling pop filters on the market.

It is a highly durable pop filter that is created with double layered mesh and

you don’t have to worry about hitting the high notes because the goose neck

doesn’t move around.

Furthermore, it will give you high end vocals free of plosives that can

otherwise damage your vocals.

The earamble studio pop filter is definitely worth its price and you’ll notice

this for yourself.

Auphonix Premium

You’ll be impressed by the 5 star reviews online that are available for the

Auphonix premium pop filter.

It is multipurpose because you can use it as a podcast pop filter attached to

your desk and you can also use it on a music studio microphone.

Most pop filters are designed to basically fit a tubular design, but the

auphonix is designed go clamp to any angular surface.

This is great beginner pop filter because it will allow for a home music studio

type of set up where you don’t have a lot of specialised stuff.

Auphonix Diameter.

This pop filter has a 6 inch diameter and mesh screen on both the front and the back.

It also comes with an Ebook on recording tips and tricks that you can use to

better your recording process.

This is a great bundle for somebody that is just getting started in music production.

It has a double layer of mesh that will ensure you don’t have any plosive sounds to go through and get recorded into your vocals.

Are pop filters universal?

No, absolutely not. Pop filters are made from different materials and they differ in this way.

Therefore they cannot be universally applicable because their independent

design is meant to meet a specific criteria and is meant to be used in specific situations.

Do pop filters work?

People filters do work, but in some situations they may not work fully or a

100% and this is because recording is different per individual person recording.

Pop filters may at best diminish unwanted sounds and not eliminate them completely.

Furthermore, pop filters may have difficulty in getting rid of sibilance and hissing sounds,

in which case a de-esser can effectively work


Pop filters are important for recording and it is important that you get the right one.

It’s always good to get some research done on pop filters before you make a purchase decision.

in my opinion a good pop filter is one that can get the job done, therefore going for a fairly priced one is a good idea.

rather that going for a cheap one that would give you poor results, or an expensive one that would cost you a lot of money.

you need a moderately priced pop filter, one that is not too cheap or too expensive.

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Does It Matter What Pop Filter You Get?

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