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How Can I Get My Song Noticed?

Theres no better feeling that having a great song that is finished and ready for release.

We always want to share our music with people so they can recognize our brand and generate buzz around our music.

Getting your song finished is really the easy part, get your song noticed is the hard work.

There are a variety of mediums that you can use to get your music noticed and this post will go into detail about each.

Just be aware that not all techniques will work for everyone and not all methods will be suitable for everybody,

but this list will have something for every one.

How to get your song noticed:

Promote on Social Media

Social media provides us with the ability to literally reach millions of people.

Before you even think of releasing any music, you have to ensure that you build up a fan base.

Facebook is a great social network and it’s the one I’d start with.

Then you can pair that Facebook account with Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Tiktok.

Having accounts with all these social networks will allow you to reach a lot of different people from different demographics.

Promote your music using these social platforms and you’ll atleast get some eyes on your music.

Make sure to have already built a connection with your fans and make sure to have a plan of release before hand.

A great way of releasing music on social media is first releasing the artwork

of the song maybe a week before with the date of release attached.

This atleast gives your fans a heads up before the actual drop of the song.

Run Ads for the song

This is greatly linked to social media but I wanted it to be an independent point.

Running ads on social media can be a great way to reach new people that can eventually become fans of your music.

Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads, YouTube ads are all important.

Invest some time into learning a bit more about ads and settle for one you feel will make the difference for you.

Social media ads can raise awareness around you brand and give your music

some clicks.

This can be a good marketing strategy for any artist of any size.

Get a feature from a famous artist

This promotion method is a very common one in the world of music.

Getting a well recognized brand to feature on your song can allow you to tap into their fanbase.

Therefore, you can reach out to a well known artist and  get a feature which

will probably cost you some money.

Once you get the feature you can easily make the song and then set up a release date.

Once the song is out, you can be able to hone in on new fans and reach new

people that will notice the song.

Get a famous artist to share it

This is another brilliant way of getting some engagement for your music and

actually taking things a little bit further.

You can reach out to a well know artist and explain that you have a song you

plan on releasing and would like their help by promoting.

A simple share from a celebrity can push your numbers to the next level.

This is why its so important to have industry connections because they can

make all this possible.

But if you don’t have the necessary connections, you can reach an artist

through their agent or social media.

Get the research right and figure out a way to reach out to an artist.

Get your song playlisted

Digital streaming platforms have allowed creators to reach billions of people around the globe.

Think of these streaming platforms as social platforms but strictly for music.

On a streaming platform like spotify, many people curate playlists of a variety

of artists all centered around certain kinds of music.

These people are called Playlist Curators, they make playlists and have huge

followings of people that listen to their playlists.

The easiest way to get your song noticed is to get in contact with a curator,

preferably one that playlists the same genre of music that you make.

Introduce yourself and ask them to add your song to their playlist.

Note that some curators may charge a certain fee to have your song

playlisted and it is quite common.

The upside here is that Digital Streaming Platforms actually pay artists per

stream of their music, which means you can make some money while driving

a decent amount of traffic to your music.

Build content around the song

Another effective marketing strategy to get your song noticed is by building

some content around it.

This supporting content can be a viral video or maybe people dancing to your


You can build whichever content you feel will add some value to your song.

Platforms like TikTok have made a lot of songs blow up and be actually

recognized throughout the world.

For example, people start what are called “challenges”, which could be a

video of somebody singing your song and not messing up the words like

what Eminem did for his song called Godzilla“.

Another challenge idea could be a dance that various people pick up and

start to showcase on TikTok.

There’s really a variety of content ideas that you can use to push your song, what have been laid out here are basic ideas.

Sign a distribution deal

Another way of getting your song noticed is by signing what is known as a distribution deal.

A distribution deal allows a distribution consortium to distribute your music

for a share of the sales.

This can be a good way of getting your music heard because distribution

companies will actually spend marketing dollars to have your song noticed so it can sell.

The only downside is you have to split the sales proceeds with the distributor.

Do a music video

Another great way of getting your song noticed is by doing a music video.

Music videos are a promotional endeavor that puts a face to the brand and

can actually help you gather some new fans.

Uploading your music video to YouTube and running some ads can help you

reach new people, so it’s a pretty good option to consider.


Another way you can get your song noticed is by pushing some merchandise with it.

The merchandise could be a T Shirt or any other type of clothing that has the

artwork or the name of the song on it.

You can either sell this merchandise or add it as a freebie for anyone that

purchases the song.

This way of promotion can be an incentive for people and get your song noticed.

Email list

Email lists are a great method of advertisement of any sort.

You basically have to collect emails from people via an email service and then

send out leading emails until your song is released.

This is a great way to get your song out there and noticed by alot of people.

Furthermore an Email list can also be a great way of getting more plays for your music.

TV and Radio

With the internet becoming the tool that has replaced the need for TV and

radio, it is possible for you to over look the fact that they are still a great

medium for advertising.

Reaching out to TV and Radio publishers can help you get your song noticed.

Work with a music blog

The last way of promoting your music that I’ll discuss here is working with a

musical blog.

This is a great way to reach and introduce new people to your music.

All you have to do is find a blog that is centered around music and you can

easily ask for them to do an article that covers your song.

You may need to pay to get that featured article in some cases especially if you’re an indie artist.

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How Can I Get My Song Noticed?

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