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How Can I Sell Beats Legally?

Beat selling has become one of the most lucrative industries in the music business.

To sell a beat legally, it has to be your original work and it should not be derivative of copyright material for which you have not gotten permission to use.

It is very important to remember that questions regarding legality will begin with whether the beat being sold is actually owned by the producer

Therefore it is your job to actually ensure that you own the copyright of the beat,

if you produced it with another person then they own part of the copyright and they’re entitled to get a slice of the revenue.

What you need to sell beats legally

A Contract

In order for you to sell beats the legal way, you need to have a contract which

shows the names of the parties to the agreement, the service being

exchanged and the stipulations set forth.

Therefore you should not underestimate the importance of a contract.

Not only will it safe guard your deal against breach of contract but it will also

instill confidence in your clients because it shows that you handle your

business in a professional manner.

Terms of Service

Any beat or instrumental agreement has to have the terms of service clearly

stipulated and laid out for person that wishes to buy the beat.

This will help them determine their boundaries and how far they can go with

the beat.

Furthermore, terms of service are basically the rules that the artist and

producer have to abide to in order to stay within the term of service.

Therefore make sure you establish the terms of service to the person you

intend to sell the beat, have them read it.

If they comfortable enough with the terms they can go through with the

purchase, if they have an issue with the terms they can reach out to you and

try to negotiate something better for themselves.

Terms of service are a good way to have some rules.

Where to sell beats

You also need a place to sell your beats.

Social Platforms

Beats can be sold on social platforms provided you have the means and the reach.

Social media platforms provide a huge market place for a variety of content creators and can be a great way to get your beats heard.

Pair that with some ads for your beats and you can reach a huge number of people.

Therefore don’t underestimate the power of social platforms.

Beat Selling Sites

Beat selling sites such as Beatstars are a great way of reaching a targeted

audience that is ready to receive and purchase your content.

So long as the content is there, clearly defined with a contract, beat selling

sites can be a great way to push your beats.

Furthermore, the most underrated beat selling site is YouTube because

everyone thinks it’s only good for video content.

YouTube can also be used to build a following and get more eyes on your music.

Physical Client Sales

The advantage with this is you can actually build clients that drop in with

their beat ideas so you can make something from scratch.

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