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How Do I Find My Rap Voice?

Rapping may have not been taken seriously in the early days of its introduction but today, it is well respected art form.

Not everyone can rap because it’s really not easy.

Over the years rap has become about great writing and great vocal projection. This is why ghost writers are more than common in this genre.

One thing that most up and coming rappers don’t however do is training to get discover their inner rap voice.

This post will therefore show you how to do this in order for to rap more confidently…

With that said, let’s tackle…

How do I find my rap voice?

Below are some of the things that you can do to find your rap voice.

Try your natural voice

Most people looking to find their rap voice usually omit this when it could be the best thing they ever do.

Nothing really beats your natural voice. You don’t always have to make up a rap voice.

Staying natural with your voice gives you leverage to do a bunch of things with your voice.

So try rapping in your natural voice and see how that works out for you.

If you’re comfortable with it, great. If you’re not keep reading.

Record and Record more

It’s really hard to find your rap voice if you simply rap without recording which is why it’s best to record a track.

Then get a sense of your voice and see the adjustments that you can make.

Keep on recording until you start to narrow down on your rap voice.

Granted, you may not like your rapping voice in the first few records you make, but as time goes on, you’ll get to a comfortable rapping voice.

Rap along to tracks

Another great way to find your rap voice is by simply rapping along to rap tracks.

What you can do is get your favorite rap song and pull up the lyrics.

Then play the record and start to rap along to it. Please don’t use your inner voice for this exercise because it will defeat the whole purpose.

Rap as though you’re recording.

One advantage of rapping along to tracks is that it doesn’t only help you pinpoint your rap voice but it also gives you lessons on how established rappers rap.

You’ll learn multiple things like vocal control, staying on beat, using lyrics with the beat in mind etc.

If you’re a beginner rapper, you should be pulling up lyrics and rapping to a variety of songs because this will also expose you to the tempo that you’re most comfortable at.

Cultivate confidence

Finding your rap voice is not all about technique, it’s also about building confidence.

This is why it’s best to start recording music as early as possible because this will get you used to recording in studios.

The more confident you become in your rapping abilities the more your rap voice will start to fall in its natural place.

Stick to a voice that’s easy on you

As a rule, it’s best to go for a rap voice that doesn’t strain your vocal chords.

Which is why your rap voice should not stray too far away from your natural voice.

Ensure that you only make slight iterations of your voice so you save yourself the trouble of being stressed as you record or rap.

Find the songs that you rap along to the easiest and then get a sense of your voice when rapping along to those tracks.

That should be your rap voice.

Reference other rappers

There are different kinds of rappers and rap songs out there. You obviously have a rapper in mind that you wish you could sound like.

If you don’t have one, this is the time to find a rapper that you want to sound like both vocally and lyrically.

Once you do that reference them as you Practice your rhymes and see how best you could find your inner voice whilst referencing them.

This will help you a lot in your journey and will also save you a lot of time.

And please, I did not say you copy your favorite rapper but I said you Reference them in Finding your own voice.

Practice vocal projection

As you Practice always ensure that you Practice at a relatively loud volume.

If you’ve ever recorded a track in a studio before, then use the vocal projection that you use when recording those tracks.

That’s how you should be practicing rap.

There’s no use in rapping at a low voice, at least not in the early stages of you trying to figure out your rap voice.

Practice your breathing

The best rap voice you’ll ever cultivate is one that you can breath through without losing steam.

So, also practice your breathing as you practice your rhymes and your voice.

Final Thoughts

The more you basically practice and record the closer you’ll get to finding a rap voice that suits you.

It’s all about trying different styles and sticking to the one that you find most appealing.

The rap voice you settle for must be easy on your vocal cords as well.

So Practice and practice.

How Do I Find My Rap Voice?
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