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How Do You Pick A Band Name?

Branding is everything in all industries. Coca Cola wouldn’t be popular if it had no name and simply supplied soda in bottle with no label.

I know what you’re thinking, why am I going on about Coca Cola when all you want is a name for your band.

The reason I’ve used such an example is to make you understand the importance of this article.

Brand names just like band names they both important because people will associate you with that name.

Therefore, I’m going to teach you how to come up with a name for your band.

With that said, how do you pick a band name?

1. See what’s already out there

The first step when it comes to choosing or picking a band name is seeing what’s already out there.

When you get a sense of the band names out there, you’ll get a general idea of what names are off limits and what you can actually do to come up with a catchy name.

Sometimes all you have to do is just understand the rationale behind a name and then try to come up with your own based off your rationale.

2. Consider your names

Some times a good band name can be the names of the band mates. This is however not always ideal especially in situations where a band has so many members in it.

But you can try to find a name that ties you all together and defines the work of the band.

You can also go the route of picking a band name that’s family-name esque.

It may work well in situations where the band is made up of people that pass for relatives or something close.

For example, a band of four women can easily pass for a family type name (like Kathy’s Babies, Kathy’s kids, the x family etc)

Of course it takes some time to come with a good name even such instances but it can be easier to do as you’ve obviously noticed.

3. Come up with a list of keywords

Another great way of coming up with a band name is making up a list of keywords that you think represent the bands motto or music.

This can make it easy for you to use this writers trick to brainstorm names that could work for the band.

4. Write down emotions that relate to your music

Another keyword-like way of coming up with a band name is trying to imagine the emotions that your music unravels.

You can then substitute these emotions with words that describe them.

E.g. Nirvana

5. Combine some words

Word combinations are also helpful in coming up with some good band names.

Use the methods I’ve discussed above to come with some words and emotions and see how you can combine different words to come with different names.

This can be a great way to spontaneously come up with a good name.

It’s also helpful to not be restricted to certain “acceptable” names. Sometimes you have to be innovative and try to create something catchy.

E.g. Imagine Dragons.  This is great band name and is obviously catchy.

6. Have every band member come up with a name

Another easy way of coming up with a band name is asking each band member to come up with a name.

This can be helpful because combining ideas is an easy way to come up with something good.

Sometimes trying to decide on a name collectively can be difficult. Giving each band member time to come up with a band name is a good way of avoiding group think.

7. Get inspiration from your favorite band names

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you sometimes just need to do what’s already been done before, but just a little better.

I don’t mean you have to copy names. I mean just try and get inspiration from other band names in order to line up your thought process in a similar manner when coming up with your own band name.

So look at various band names and try to understand the logic behind them because this will help you in your own journey.


Here are some tips that you can work with when coming up with a band name.

Your name should be easy to say

You should not come up with a name that will be difficult to say. A name that requires you to say it more than one time for a person to catch its pronunciation.

Good band names use every day words that people are used to and not some esoteric illusive name that people will have trouble saying.

Keep it simple.

Don’t use a name that already exists

Like I earlier mentioned, you should not copy an already existing name.

Which is why it’s always useful to Google each band name you come up with to see if there’s another band with that name.

Keep your band names clean and original.

The last thing you want is a lawsuit on your hands because you took somebody’s band name and made it your own.

Don’t complicate things

Don’t over complicate the process of coming up with a name. The best names are spontaneous.

Like I earlier mentioned, keep your name simple.

Your name should match your brand

Make sure you come up with a band name that represents the personality of the band as a whole.

Your band name should be able to give someone a general idea of what to expect when they click play on one of your songs.

It’s therefore important to get a second opinion from people outside of the band.

How Do You Pick A Band Name?
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