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How Many Years Do Speakers Last?

We buy equipment to fill a very specific need.

If you’re somebody that’s involved in the world of audio production buying new gear is always something to look forward to.

But after buying equipment, you can’t help but wonder just how long it will last you for.

This is something that we all go through even outside of buying equipment.

Sometimes it’s a new car, sometimes it’s a new watch…what ever the item is, it sure does raise a certain level of forward thinking with regard to how long it will last you.

Analogies aside, this article will discuss how long speakers can last you and some good measures and precautions that you can take to ensure that you enjoy them for a reasonable amount of time.

So keep reading as I break this down and take you through some of the things that I’ve experienced in my years of music production so you can hopefully learn something.

With that said, How many years do speakers last?

Speakers can last for a really long time but this depends on a number of things. They can last for 10 to even 50 years depending on their specifications, materials used to make them, how they’re being used, storage conditions and overall maintenance.

Let’s get into some of the things that determine the life span of speakers.


The specifications of the sound system that you buy have a huge effect on how long they last.

This is because, specifications are how the manufacturers design their speakers and tell you what you can expect from them.

Therefore they have a huge effect on the lifespan of your speakers.

If you bought a speaker with no specifications then you’ll be unclear about how long you can stay with them before they start developing problems and have to be replaced.

Construction materials

Another thing that plays a huge role on the life span of speakers are the actual materials that are used in its construction.

There are a lot of knock off speakers that are simply imitations of popular speakers which is why it’s very difficult to determine the life span of a sound system without discussing factors like this.

If your speakers were built with cheap construction material then you’ll obviously expect your speakers not to last very long.

Mode of use

Another thing that has a huge effect on the life span of your speakers is how exactly you use them.

Somebody that mishandles their sound system and doesn’t take specifications in consideration when using the system will probably do more damage to speakers than somebody that does.

which is why the mode of use of your speakers also determines how long they’ll stay with you.

For example, If you keep dropping your speakers due to clumsiness then you’ll probably destroy your speakers before they naturally give in.

Storage conditions

Another thing that has a huge impact on the life span of speakers is the way that you store them.

The last thing that speakers want is to be used in wet places or humid or any other unfavourable environments.

Which is why the storage conditions you subject them to will have an impact on how long you stay with them.

Most speaker manufacturers express the do’s and don’ts of storage and other things relating to this to help you get the most out of your speakers as well as avoid damaging them before they naturally give in or die.

So you have to take this into account.


How you preserve your speakers is another factor that comes into play whenever we discuss the lifespan of speakers.

Some people will take extra care of their speakers which will result in a longer life span.

Other people won’t take the much needed care of their speakers which will ultimately result in them being good for a couple of few years.

Therefore, ensure that you take good care of them.


Let’s face it, not all speakers are created equal so you can’t really expect them to all work the same.

Some speaker brands are better than others and this has a significant effect on their life span.

A person that goes out of their way to do the proper and needed research into their speakers will be at a better advantage in choosing the right ones.

If you did the appropriate research and bought speakers based on this then you’ll more than likely stay with your speakers for a longer time.

Brand names are not only hyped because of the speaker quality they produce but also the durability of the speakers.

Preserving your speakers to last a life time

Below are some things that you need to do and avoid so you speakers last for longer.

Proper ventilation

You  have to make sure that there’s adequate airflow around the lspeakers because it is key as it helps cool them down while they’re playing.

Power surges

You should also look out for power surges because they can easily destroy your speakers.

Especially for high end speakers. Sudden power cuts and reconnects can easily cause damage to the inner components of your speaker system.

Static electricity

A build-up in static electricity can actually result in burn out of your speakers. A safe guard against this, is investing in some anti static floor mats for your carpets.

You can also use a humidifier to prevent dry air from allowing static electricity to build up to extreme levels.


Ensure that you keep your speakers away from the windows and avoid exposing them to direct sunlight.

Sun exposure can cause the speakers to overheat, especially if they have a weak thermal design.

Heat from the sun can also damage voice coils which are vital in maintaining the electrical flow between the speakers and its source.

Good speaker brands

Brand is everything when it comes to picking and choosing the right speakers for you, which is why it’s important to go for a brand with good reputation.

You can research brands by figuring out what people on forums (quora, reddit, etc) say.

Some well known speaker brands that have had experience with are:






How Many Years Do Speakers Last?
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