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How To Get Your Demo To A Record Label

Getting signed to a record label can be beneficial for an artist in that it can eliminate most of the struggles that indie artists have to go through in journey to success.

Back in the day, getting your demo to a record label wasn’t something easy because you had to have physical connections with people that were involved in the music industry ..so they could help get your demo to important people that could end up calling you in and signing you.

With the advancement of technology came a whole different way of submitting demos. This post will therefore guide you on how you could go about submitting your demo to record labels so you can score yourself a deal.

Keep reading as I walk through each of these demo submission methods that can help you get your music in the right hands.


A&Rs can be a great way to submit your music to record labels. Their primary purpose is to find talent that they can then take to a record label for consideration.

Your job as the artist in this case would be to look for an A&R and give them your demo….this can be particularly easy if you do have some industry connections or know an actual way to get your music in front A&R.

You can inquire into the particular A&Rs that are working for certain record labels that you are interested in. This can get you closer to finding them or getting in touch with them to be able to submit your music.

Industry connections

This is basically a continuation from the previous point to a certain extent. As an artist having industry connections and relationships is very important because it can help you further your career with much ease.

Industry connections could be producers, artists, label executives, artist managers, event managers and etc. All these people mentioned here are all connected to the music industry and they can be your gateway into getting your demo to a label.

If you already have some industry contacts that you could easily reach out to, then half the battle is already won…. you now just need to reach out to them and see how best they can get your demo to a label. It’s not always that an industry contact will get you a label deal sometimes they can simply point you towards someone who can.

Therefore, you can carve out a plan of approach and target your industry contacts so they can help you.

If you do not have any industry contacts, now is the time to start making some new industry pals. Cultivate good relationships with various music industry people so you can learn from them and be able to execute your plan to get signed to a label more effectively.

The wait and bait method

This is the organic approach that most music bloggers won’t write about… but it’s worth mentioning for the purposes of helping you as the artist.

The wait and bait method is simply working hard on your music and pushing it enough to get noticed by a record label…. Before you skip this point because it seems too obvious… read on…

Most artists fail to make it because they get too carried out with the need to get signed to an extent where their art suffers because they try to make their music sound like what is on the radio.

Being original is your strongest selling point as an artist, keep perfecting your work and learn some good marketing strategies that can help you get your music heard by a larger audience.

Also work to build a fanbase that can support your music and show up for your gigs, because lets face it, you need the money…. a fanbase will also buy and stream your music, so that’s more money.

Being independent only sucks if you don’t try to make it work…. but I believe you can because you’re reading this.

So do your best in creating original content which is unique and can resonate with audiences. Also ensure that you steadily build your fanbase plus get all your marketing into a system than you can easily deploy.

If you work hard enough, your music will start to get traction…at this point you should be able to start getting some record deal offers.

Social media

Social media is another way to get your music to a record label.

The fact is, social platforms have provided more informal communication channels that can help you reach out to record label executives that can listen to your records.

This may be a bit difficult to do but not impossible because a lot of labels actually want to work with artists that are talented and skilled enough to make it in this business.

You can also visit several record label websites that provide information of how you can submit your demos.

How To Get Your Demo To A Record Label

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