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Is 21 Too Old To Start Making Music?

Venturing into any career always brings up questions of whether it is too late to start or not.

Music is no different and it is common for people to ask whether they are too old to get started.

One of the most asked questions concerning age is whether or not 21 is too old of an age to get into music.

18 – 21 years of age (being the legal ages) is precisely the right time to get into music because record labels often sign and work with young people so they can mold them from the start and recruit them as part of the production crew.

Music and Age

Music is a career path that you can get into at any age, it’s never too late or early.

Most people are overwhelmed when they first begin their journey because it seems too much of a leap.

In reality anybody can start making music at any age with the right amount of perseverance and will to learn.

For example, Micheal Jackson started singing at the age of 8, most people would consider this an early start. But when you look at the worldwide success that he had, you can easily determine that an early start worked out well for him.

A lot of other artists got in to music a lot later in their lives and still became recognized and saw success.

You’ll discover that most record labels seek out artists of any age, provided they have the potential to climb to greater heights.

Somebody as young as 16 can be signed to label and someone as old as 30 can easily be signed because music has no boundaries.

Therefore whether you’re 16 or 21 or 40, its perfectly fine for you begin your journey in music. It’s not too late or too early. You can easily grasp the various fundamental elements of music and get to a level where you actually understand music.

Succeeding In Music

Another aspect that will come into play when discussing age and music is whether you become successful or not.

Making it big is a lot harder and will require hard work on your part.

Therefore the disclaimer here is that success is not guaranteed.

It’s good to know this from the onset.

If making it big is the goal from the beginning then you should work to become a brand that can then succeed.

In the very initial stages though, it is a lot wiser to focus on getting the music part done right, after you become good at it, building a brand can be easily done.

The internet provides us the medium with which we can create a brand that can have core fans that can buy our music.

Therefore success can be achieved if one focuses hard enough,

age doesn’t matter at all.

Talent Vs. Hardwork

Most people have the misconception that they need to be naturally gifted with music in order for them to pursue it, but that is not true.

Passion and talent are two very different things.

Having the talent is great but you can pursue music without being naturally inclined.

With hard work and dedication you can fully pursue and become successful as a musician despite your age.

Age 21

Age 21 is considered the age that a person typically starts to explore their life and it is when they are considered a full mature adult.

In the music industry 21 is a very young age and you can learn how to make music within 2 years or even less.

Therefore don’t think you’re too old.

Whether 16, 20, 25, 30 or 40.

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