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Is A 13 Inch Laptop Too Small For Music Production?

People that are looking to get into music production often wonder what computer will suit them best in order for them to be able to pull off a good job.

Laptops come in different sizes and the question that gets tossed around a lot is;

“Is a 13 inch laptop too small for music production?”

A 13 inch laptop is not too small, it basically has the standard screen size that can work perfectly for music production, graphic design and other creative fields.

Ideal Laptop Screen Size for music production

You need a good ultra wide screen for music production if you’re one of those people that would rather have a wider screen than the standard 13 inch.

A 24 inch screen or better is the most ideal for music production.

You might also want to consider using two monitors, to make loading up plugins more seamless.

Ideal specs for a music production Laptop

A good screen is essential for your workflow but what’s even more important are the specs of your laptop or computer.


You need at the least 16 Gigabytes of RAM to be able to produce music more efficiently.

This is why you need a good laptop that can match these specs.

In as much as the screen display is important, you’ll be able to work just fine even with a screen that is only 13 inches.

RAM on the other hand is random access memory that will play a huge part in the memory usage of the computer.

Having a low amount of RAM will make it difficult for you to properly produce music because most digital audio Workstations and virtual instruments require a good amount of RAM.


Having lots of RAM is great but what’s more important is the efficiency of your processor/CPU.

The CPU is the Central Processing Unit and is responsible for all processes that occur on your laptop.

Therefore, the best processor for music production is an i7 quad core processor paired with a 64bit operating system.

This processor and operating system will make the 16 GB RAM work much more efficiently and to it’s full capacity.

Affordable 24 Inch External Monitors.

Sceptre E248W-19203R

This is an ultra slim 24 inch monitor that has a metallic design.

It is a smooth design and has a 75 HZ refresh rate which is more than the standard.

Furthermore it has what is known as Adaptive Sync, which is basically a technology that eliminates image stuttering and tearing.

This is definitely a good choice for music production.

You can check out the Sceptre E248W-19203R here

LG 24MK600M-B 24

This monitor is high performance designed to fit any professional environment.

If you’re looking for a high definition monitor then you need to look no further than this powerful monitor.

It has a borderless sleek design that will have your work fully displayed for you to focus on the work at hand.

Definitely a great choice for music production.

Check out more details on the LG 24MK600M-B 24 Here.

HP 24mh FHD Monitor

This monitor is another great option for anyone looking for high definition visuals.

The HP FHD monitor is height adjustable and offers easy connectivity plus panoramic viewing which offers vibrant visuals.

Its slick design will give you more desk space that will give you more freedom.

Furthermore, a 1 year guarantee is at the ready if you purchase it.

Check out more details on the HP FHD Here.

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Is A 13 Inch Laptop Too Small For Music Production?

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